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Title: Personal Top 3
Post by: IceAge on March 03, 2010, 01:57:18 pm
Hey Aliens out somewere in this universe:

I have been reading this forum some years ( i dont post to much usually)
But i do have a deep love for SC2 many many years now.  And I keep on replaying  the game ;)

From the start i always fly to the Pkunk  8)

Here is the personal top 3 on games, books and films i have as a captain in my cabin  :  
it's based on the time i did spent:::  re-playing ,  re-reading , ore re-watching .

(Some more as 10 to 15 times)  :D

SF Games:
1  Starcontrol 2
2  Starflight (1&2)
3  Mass Effect (1&2)

SF Books:
1 Tschai ( planet of adventure)       :  Jack Vance
2 Ringworld                                    : Larry Niven
3 Durdane                                       : Jack Vance

SF Films:
1  Aliens  (all 4 movies) especially nr 1 and 2 and i have a special place in my heart for RIPLEY!
2  Bladerunner                              : ( The directors cut)
3  Startrek 3                                    : The search for Spock)


1  Advanced Dungeons&Dragons by SSI and TSR  ( all games) (espacially the Krynn trilogy.
2  Rings Of Zilfin  
3  The Eternal dagger

Books :
1 Lord of the Rings                           : JRR Tolkien
2 Dark Tower Cyclus                        : Stephen King
3 Lyonesse                                        : Jack Vance

1  Lord Of The Rings     (extended version 12 dvd)
2  The never ending story
3  Ice Age  ( all3)!

Sofar my list.

I am very curious what  you other starship captains do have in you'r personal room  (exept some syreens maybe? ) ;)

The captain of my Starship is called  Iceage and i do have command on the ISS Vance.
My first officer is Fwiffo. ( psssstttt  dont wanna gossip but he is a coward). ! But i dont wanna trow him in deep space on his own  (all alone). :'(

Together we already have had many many many encounters  in the SC2 Universe.
(and HE still is a live!)    ;D

OK Bye Bye : We have to go now to get more purple minerals, find some rainbow worlds and kick some Illwrath avengers.

Take Care and be Safe you all and maybe if everything is safe and saved,  we will meet again in a bar to drink a few beers and brag upon all we have done and how we saved our galaxy.  Lets go to save to the next milkyway  ( STARCONTROL IV)!

Title: Re: Personal Top 3
Post by: IceAge on March 03, 2010, 03:00:00 pm
I Forgot to fill my cargo pods.

Here is a top 3 of earthling ladies i like to take with me on the quest.

1: Madonna
2: Anouk ( Dutch people will know who this is)  :)
3 :Annie Lennox

Music i will take with me:
1: Pink Floyd
2: Rainbow ( Ritchie Blackmore)
3: Sade

Politicians ( deep freezed) ill take in my ship  :
1: Obama
2: Bin Laden
3: Dalai lama

Food i MUST take with me !
1: Pizza
2: Boerenkool stampot
3: Spaggeti

AND i NEED some guitar players! (deep frozen also)
1: Steve Vai
2: Joe Satriani
3: A good Flamengo classical artist ( spanish)

I am still thinking about having some sportsmen/ladies with me but i dont know who yet.

as soon as i have an idea i will tell you all.
Of corse i will take 5 cats and 3 dogs also in my ship.

Take care and be safe and kick some illwrath buttons for me!

Title: Re: Personal Top 3
Post by: SuddenDeath on March 04, 2010, 11:54:23 am
Take care and be safe and kick some illwrath buttons for me!
Kick Ilwrath buttons... sure, I guess.

Title: Re: Personal Top 3
Post by: AngusThermopyle on March 21, 2010, 12:18:16 pm
2: Bin Laden

Really?  Why?