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Title: Missing Mycon dialogue add-on
Post by: Anym on April 08, 2010, 07:12:42 pm
As nobody seems to have done it before, I decided to take VileRancour's reconstructed Mycon audio files (, convert them to .ogg and put them together with the proper .ts and .txt files in the right directory structure in an easy-to-use add-on package. You can get it at or at

To use the add-on, put it in a subdirectory of your content/packages/addons directory and then start the game with the --addon <subdirectory> command line parameter or, if you want it to be always on, just put it right into content/packages.

VileRancour's audio isn't perfect, but it's definitely good enough for me and probably for you, too. I find it very much preferable both to other attempts to restore those speech files and to not having essential information in the game at all (which almost ruined the game for me when I played it for the first time and which makes me reluctant to recommend it).

Let me know what you think. Hope this is useful to somebody. I didn't test it extensively, but it seems to work fine so far. I'd appreciate it if somebody could upload it somewhere else and arrange for a bit more permanent web hosting.