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Title: what no gamepad option?
Post by: Defender on February 04, 2003, 08:43:32 am
ok i have 2 questions:

1: i take it there is no gamepad option to use in UQM? if there is how do i use it?

2: in the pc version of sc2, if i run the game in dos without windos i get sound and music and everything is running good but i cant get my gamepad to work. it seems dos doesnt reconize it being pluged in even tho in the instructions it says gamepads are reconized at start up?
ive also tried option 2 witch is to run the game thru the dos prompt still in windos. the problem here is i get to use my game pad now but, with the sound and music on the game runs super slow.GRRR I WANT THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!! sorry for shouting. is there any solution to my problem? the first time i played this game was on the 3do. i was hoping i could use my gamepad to do so cause im not very good with a keyboard.

thank you for any help you can give me~DEFIANT

Title: Re: what no gamepad option?
Post by: Niahak on February 04, 2003, 10:06:01 am
It might take a bit of doing, but I believe with the latest unofficial "patch" (a couple of topics down, conveniently in patch form) you can modify the UQM\content\starcon.key file in textpad for the joystick.  It describes how in some "notes" at the top of the file.  Even has an example.
I haven't tried it myself, maybe I will now.
/edit: I couldn't get it to work... has anyone gotten it to work yet?