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Title: Need help with two subjects
Post by: Alley_Cat on February 08, 2003, 02:27:17 pm
Hey there all. This is the first time I write here, and the first thing I want to do is to congradulate you for this awesome project you have created.
But I do have two problems, problems I don't consider as bugs to report because I'm pretty certain I'm not the first one to discuss them, and I would be happy to even get a short answer or a link to a place where my subjects were discussed.

  • My first, and more important problem, is that during dialoges the speech speed is never compatible with the text speed. It's a very annoying thing since I do want to enjoy the speech I now have due to the 3DO version
  • Another thing I can add to this problem is the simple fact that every time I press the space-bar during a conversation, something that in the wold version would simply move me to the next text, now moves me forward through all the texts not allowing me to simple fast forward but to lose vital info I need..
  • The other main problem I have, although it is less important is that even though I possess OpenGL Capabilities (voodoo 3 card, updated drivers) I can never open the game through OpenGL - whenever I tries I only see a white screen, and it seems that the console window loops again and again

I owuld be happy to gain an answer to even one of these subjects.
Tnx! :-)


Just remembered another thing - I still don't know how to exit the game from the main menu without using "harsh" actions such as forcefully closing the console window. Help :)

Title: Re: Need help with two subjects
Post by: Deathy on February 09, 2003, 04:32:58 am
1.) They're working on dialog synch. It gets better, then worse, then better, then is synched but "skippy", then smooth but unsynched. Just keep on top of the latest builds and it'll get better (then worse, then better again).

2.) Skip dialog with the -> key, <- scrolls back.

3.) Can't help you there. I get a black or scrambled (depending on the version, although v0.1 windows installer version worked perfectly) screen myself.

4.)F12 forcekills the program. This is a 3DO port, remember, and you usually just hit "reset" or "power" on a console.

Good luck, and enjoy reliving the *spicy game*!