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Title: Review and Comparison between Star Control 2 and Star Control 3
Post by: JudgeYohance on February 28, 2011, 08:07:42 am
My latest episode of the Retro Check is up and it's time SC3 got what I had coming to it! Hope you guys like it :)

Title: Re: Review and Comparison between Star Control 2 and Star Control 3
Post by: Joss Rand on April 15, 2011, 04:39:23 pm
Nice review.

I don't know if this topic is the best place to talk about this, but I didn't want to revive posts that have been dead for years, so here I go:

As most -if not all of you-, I agree that SC3 is an error. A great error that should not have existed. Let's see: bugs -I remember that one that made you not to advance in the adventure-, a shitty HyperMelee without some classical ships of StarControl -the Broodhome, the Avenger, the Terminator...-, with a poor AI whose main tactic is to run away -for example, try to fight a Daktaklakpak with a Marauder; 'nuff said- and that makes possible to defeat -keeping distances- a Marauder, a Dreadnought, or even a Colony ship with a ship so humble as a Cruiser (something quite hard in SC2 as you know), unimaginative new ships whose weapons were mostly mines or missiles, an useless "2.5D" mode, more bugs -for example, I remember how when fighting a Precursor colony ship with a Daktaklakpak being near of the planet and in melee mode she would not try to use the point-defense nor moving, so I drilled her until both crashed into the planet-, and not only ugly but also dark old ships -the Avatar looked like a ripoff of a X-Wing, even with what looked as a R2-D2 unit-. And, of course, ugly aliens, inconsistencies, more inconsistencies, and lame excuses or aliens -for example, in my opinion, the collapse of hyperspace due dumping antimatter into the Rainbow Worlds is a quite lame excuse, like the Eternal Ones-. And many more, that would make a quite lengthy post that you surely know.

On the positive, I liked the first MIDI of the main screen -however, it could not be compared to the SCII MODs, of course-, the heavy metal victory ditty of the Heralds, the Xchaggers that would be a very good idea if they had been worked better, and little more.

By alone, SC3 could have been a relatively good game despite its many flaws. However, compared to SC2 is just a crap. And me, when I got it thinking I could see a 3-D Terminator :P

PS: on the changes on some ships, I think it made sense in some cases such as the Cruiser -it seems logical we improved our vessels in the interwar period as occurred in real-life with sea warships in the interval between WWI and WWII and/or designed a new model of ship-. In others -the already mentioned Avatar, the best example-, certainly not.

Title: Re: Review and Comparison between Star Control 2 and Star Control 3
Post by: Ahmed on April 25, 2011, 06:58:16 pm
I don*t like Star Control 3. Star Control 2 is a lot better.
Star Control 3 has a really bad story.
Melee in Star Control 3 is bad.