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Title: New mafia game at SCDB is in sign-up stage
Post by: Death 999 on April 08, 2011, 08:55:32 pm
Seeking players for a Star Control-themed mafia game to be held at the SCDB.

I repeat the summary here:

You are a hierarchy fleet stationed near a defense station. This is no mere common starbase; it is a fortress with a main weapon capable of destroying any vessel weaker than a dreadnaught. It was placed to protect an integrated construction and development facility operating in a planetary system. This is the facility in which the Ilwrath cloak was transferred to a ship the Ilwrath were capable of building, for example, and it can be expected that more improvements to hierarchy ships will be made. The AFS has attempted assault - going far around the battle line with a sneak attack - and failed. But now they are resorting to subterfuge. By the time play begins, they will have killed the master in charge of the fleet and faded into the shadows.

Each of you will play a specific character of a known race, commanding a known ship. Some of you, however, will be under the mind control of Syreen. This will allow more coherent roleplaying, and the defense station provides a mechanism for the lynching. Therefore, I expect that this scenario maintain coherence to the end, unlike the previous which collapsed into a degree of absurdity toward the end.

Once we have a roster of players, I will describe the fleet and secretly select the syreen players. Then they will choose which ships to infiltrate, and then other characters will be assigned randomly. For ease, the characters' names will be set to your screennames.

With sufficient signups, I expect we can start as soon as three weeks. The participation requirement will be modest, with a day/night cycle of five days.

Title: Re: New mafia game at SCDB is in sign-up stage
Post by: Lukipela on April 14, 2011, 07:14:04 am
I've got to say I'm a bit surprised here. I mean sure, last time we played this no one from the UQMF participated, but last year this place was pretty dead. Now I count somewhere around 5 new people actively starting threads abd discussing SC around here, and still no signups? Nine people signed up within the span of two days over on the SCDB, but there's not a single person here interested? Weird, but I guess the demographic is different here.

Title: Re: New mafia game at SCDB is in sign-up stage
Post by: Death 999 on April 15, 2011, 05:00:15 am
There's some overlap. I did direct everyone to go there.