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Title: music: slighty screwed up mod files
Post by: todd b on February 14, 2003, 09:43:52 am

 This has been bugging me for a while.  I noticed a couple of years ago when I got ahold of the mod files for star control 2 that a lot of the music seemed slightly screwed up.  It sounds as though some of the samples themselves are trimmed the wrong way and contain weird audio data at the end of the sample, which of course screws the songs up.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Does anyone know of a fix or a proper version of these mod files?  Thanks!

Title: Re: music: slighty screwed up mod files
Post by: arcain on February 14, 2003, 10:06:34 am
I haven't run into this myself yet.  I fairly certain you just got hold of a bad set of mods is all..   I *think* UQM has all the old mods files strewn about in various directories.  just do a search on the UQM folder for *.mod and all of them should turn up.


Title: Re: music: slighty screwed up mod files
Post by: Novus on February 14, 2003, 05:52:19 pm
A lot of the copies of the SC2 MODs floating around the net have been extracted very sloppily (this is easily recognisable in some cases from the strangely round file sizes, e.g. 80000 bytes). A possible fix is documented here (

Players react differently to MOD files with extra garbage at the end, so you may want to try using another MOD player.

The MODs supplied with UQM appear to be mostly OK, although I have noticed some reports of problems with them too.

Title: Re: music: slighty screwed up mod files
Post by: Censored on February 15, 2003, 02:58:25 am
You should download the 3DO MP3s, they sound way better than the good ol' MOD files... aside from the Quasi Space music, they really screwed it up. The MP3s are available in the Pages of Now and Forever -

Title: Re: music: slighty screwed up mod files
Post by: norg on February 15, 2003, 09:46:35 pm
*chuckle* i don't think todd was looking for alternatives; he wanted to know why the mods he downloaded don't sound as wicked cool as he remembers them sounding in the original PC game.

todd, you're absolutely correct.  they don't sound exactly like they did in the original game.  there are several possible reasons, and elements from any one of them could be correct:

a) the playback engine this time around, mikmod, is close but not exactly correct as far as what the game originally sounded like but the most viable option for multi-playform conversion,

b) there may be some corruption in the samples of the mod files,

c) (believe it or not, this is true) the original PC game did not play the original mod files back properly.  this has been stated by the guys who wrote the original music several times: the only way to hear exactly how a mod is supposed to sound is to play it back in the original composition software(in this case, some of those were amigas).

the fact of the matter is that one or two of those are possibly being played back as written, but don't sound quite right to our ears because it's not what we heard on repeat for ... days on end. (:

hope that sheds some light on what you're hearing.