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Title: Wii Port - Voice Pack Install
Post by: mattholley on August 20, 2011, 05:34:45 am
Hi there,

I have been having trouble installing the voice pack despite all of the info I have found on this forum and others, to quickly review the steps I have taken

1.Download the tarball for the voicepack from the SVN
2.Extract the tarball, now having a folder named 3dovoice
3.Put 3dovoice into a zip file with the extension .uqm, named uqm-0.6.5-voice.uqm this uqm file directly in the content folder

I have tried putting the uqm file into a folder content/addons but to no avail I can't get this to work, I like having UQM on the wii, but without the voices it just seems like it is missing something

thank's in advance