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Title: The origin of SC2's music
Post by: slylandro on April 09, 2012, 08:52:52 am
Interestingly, the original music came from a contest due to budgetary constraints. Here's a cool piece of history, posted on the primordial internet:

To: All MOD musicians
From: Paul Reiche III, Toys for Bob
Re: Call for cool .mod files!
Date: 12 March, 1992


Hi! My name is Paul Reiche, and I am the designer of Star Control and the
yet-to-be-released 'Star Control II - The Ur-Quan Masters'. The sequel is
an epic role-playing experience where you explore a vast region of space,
and can meet, converse and/or fight with over 20 alien races. Fred Ford
and I (Fred's the programmer) have worked hard to make this product fun,
beautiful, and technically ground-breaking, the latter of which prompts
this appeal. When we began developing sound and music technology, we
noticed that synthesized sound hardware for the IBM PC has been pretty much
stagnant since the Adlib standard was established, while the digitized
technology has just gotten better and better. Therefore, we decided to go
totally digital, and we now possess the capacity to play 4 digital
channels simultaneously out of virtually anything you can hook-up to a PC.
For music, we decided to use the Amiga standard .MOD file format.

We need about 35 musical themes for our game, and are having a difficult
time finding MOD composers here in California who can produce the music
we need.

We are calling for MOD creators across the world to send us their best
efforts, and from the hundreds - dare I say thousands - of MODS submitted
we will select the themes we need.  The authors whose MODS we use will
receive $50 US, credit within the product, plus a copy of the game when
it is published. The best MOD we get will be worth $500!

The MODS need to be original and the property of the composer, less than
70,000 bytes long, and work well as background music for: conversations
with aliens, travelling through hyperspace, or interplanetary
exploration.  MODs should be 3-5 minutes and loop nicely.

To submit a MOD, send it on an Amiga or IBM disk to:

        Star Control II MOD Contest
   c/o Paul Reiche III, Toys For Bob
   1602 Grant Ave, #207
   Novato, CA 94947

The deadline for submissions is 30 April, 1992, and winning MODs will be
selected immediately thereafter.  All entrants will receive a notice
identifying the selected MOD files. We do NOT require exclusive use
for use of any MODs we need.

Thanks for your time just reading this long message!


                               Paul Reiche III

P.S.  MODs need not be new creations, just cool, in fact, there are some
on the net now we would like to use if we can get permission from the

Title: Re: The origin of SC2's music
Post by: Novus on April 09, 2012, 06:45:16 pm
This was discussed previously here (