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Title: What do you think of Mass Effect?
Post by: Armass on June 23, 2012, 04:36:53 pm
Anyone played this trilogy of modern sci-fi, that borrows elements from SC2? What are your toughts about it, especially the controversial endings of ME3?

Title: Re: What do you think of Mass Effect?
Post by: Valos Cor on June 24, 2012, 09:25:59 pm
I haven't played the game myself, I REALLY want to play it, but I can tell you what a friend of mine though of it.  He said something about the first one being great but rough I think but that the second one was more rushed and polished and that the third one he's playing right now and how the save game continuation between games is annoying and he somehow accidentally got his male protagonist hooked up with a dude.  That's all I know.

Title: Re: What do you think of Mass Effect?
Post by: Kohr-Ah Death on June 25, 2012, 10:58:01 am
I love 'em, and even more so because of the Star Control II elements.

The RPG-esque gameplay of the first and the constant planet landing got a bit boring but the action was top-notch. The Story and the dialogue is superb.
If you have a halfway decent PC you can get Mass Effect on the cheap from Amazon, and I recommend doing so.

Mass Effect 2 brought everything I loved about the first one back save a few GUI flaws¹.

Mass Effect 3 is a perfected ME2, loved the gameplay, the graphical upgrades, story, everything.
Including the so-called "controversial ending". Maybe you have to have independent thought to appreciate it, I don't know.
I thought it wrapped up all nicely. (I chose synthesis)

From what I can tell people are more bothered by the way you have to chose the endings more than the endings themselves.
When all this went down I thought it was going to blow over within a week or two, but nope. They bitched and whined till Bioware caved
and when I heard they were planning to do the Extended Cut I lost a little respect for them.

Well there you go.

¹ In ME1 On the galaxy map, planet view, etc,  you could go up a level with a right click. On ME2 you have to hit the back button at the lower right of the screen.
Not a big deal but it screwed me up going from one to two. Oh and the whole "spacebar does everything for you" thing.
I actually modded the keybinds back to the way they were because of that.