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Title: Question about TRANSLATION (italian team)
Post by: n3cr0 on September 09, 2012, 06:10:57 pm
Hi to everyone! this question is refeard to the translaters ah to who knows the game
We compleated the textual part but during the images translation ( ship device) we had some problems, the colour pattern in the game is totaly changed!
Does no one have idea of the matter?

Title: Re: Question about TRANSLATION (italian team)
Post by: Quinarbre on September 14, 2012, 04:55:06 pm
I'd suggest two things :

- be careful to always load and save indexed images. If you switch to truecolor for some reason, the game won't always properly load them. OR, if you really need true color pictures, edit the corresponding .ani file, you'll find lines that look like :
chmmr-001.png -1 10 -36 -54
Look for the line that matches the file you've modified, and change whatever the first number is to -2, so in our example, I've edited chmmr-001.png, I'll write :
chmmr-001.png -2 10 -36 -54
Be careful though, the game does need some images to be indexed.
- if you think that you have left the image as an indexed picture but its colors have changed anyway, use an image manipulation program that does not screw the color map (Gimp does that sometimes for instance).