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Title: Groombridge Log Part I (novel) finished!
Post by: Tiberian on October 19, 2012, 06:49:57 pm
I started working on this sometime in February I think. For the most part it has been fun and exciting even.

A long time ago a man in charge of a certain company that made cartoons said wisely:

"We don't make the cartoons for kids. We make them for ourselves."

Being an enthusiastic fan of Star Control, I myself have been very interested in reading this story. I hope that many of you will also find it somewhat entertaining. That said, I have no experience in writing novels - especially in English (not my native language). A big thanks to oldlaptop who proof-read the story.

So here it is: (

I hope to receive some kind of feedback. Here's an example of the kind of feedback I'd like to get:

"... was good because ..." and "... was bad because ..."

Here's what I prefer not to get:

"didn't read lol u suck" and "no no no, in Star Control ships fight one on one, you can't change that"

And a final word: I try to stay as true to the game as possible. Sometimes it just isn't possible. There are some parts in the story and mechanics that exist in the game only because of gameplay reasons. Some of them are changed. I tried to make it more "realistic".

If even one person finds the story entertaining, my work hasn't been a waste.

Title: Re: Groombridge Log Part I (novel) finished!
Post by: CelticMinstrel on December 04, 2012, 07:48:51 pm
Um... I will... set this aside to read sometime... >_>