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Title: Game Guru
Post by: tannis on October 25, 2012, 03:03:55 pm
I see a game guru cd for 3do advertised on amazon. Will the game guru cd work on a whole range of 3do games ?
or do they only specifically work for 1 specific game. ?

i only want one that works for star control 2.

Title: Re: Game Guru
Post by: Novus on October 26, 2012, 10:06:09 am
As far as I can tell, the 3DO Game Guru allows the user to enter codes to change the behaviour of games, so even if the Game Guru doesn't come with codes for a game built-in, someone can figure them out afterwards. I found some codes for SC2 (

However, you should note that there is also a Windows version of Game Guru, which probably won't be any use to you for 3DO games.

Title: Re: Game Guru
Post by: Kohr-Ah Death on October 27, 2012, 08:11:52 am
There is a whole range of games, just like a Gameshark but for the 3DO.

You don't enter codes the same way though, most if not all the codes I've used are saved game modifiers.

But there are codes for Star Control 2, actually I think it's just a credits cheat. I'll reply back when I get home from work and check it out.

Well here is what mine looks like through the emulator 4DO:

( (

You can insert the credits cheat(and many more) using this handy text file ( from