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Title: Favor: Current Adventure Game, Future Space Opera
Post by: MRY on November 26, 2012, 05:19:21 am
Hey guys,

Long, long time lurker and occasional poster (under account names I've long forgotten).  Here's one of my posts from back in the day -- -- and I'm pretty sure I'd been around for a couple years before then.

Anyway, I'm gearing up toward starting work on a fairly large-scale space operetta that combines aspects of Star Control II, Weird Worlds, and Darklands.  I think you guys will like it; I hope so, anyway.  (It's not related to the game in that prior post -- it has gorgeous painted graphics, etc.)  In the meanwhile, though, my team is about to release our first game, a science fiction retro adventure game called Primordia (  I think you'd also like Primordia quite a bit.

Our ability to make our next game turns on Primordia doing well.  But I'm not asking you guys to buy Primordia (though that would be great).  What we really need is a push to get ourselves Greenlit on Steam.

So, I'm asking -- without any good basis for expecting your help but nevertheless hopeful of your generosity -- that those of you who have Steam vote for Primordia, and maybe ask your friends to do so as well.  Once Primordia has safely flown the nest, I can devote full attention to my space operetta!

Here's the Steam link: