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Post by: IceAge on February 22, 2013, 12:30:55 pm


To all you that want an epic adventure with a spaceship and explore a galaxy... Go to Ur Quan Masters

Original known as Starcontrol 2.

Ok the grapics are outdated.. true.. but fans just created a HD Mod on it.

Sc2 still has a fanbase!

Mass Effect took many may many things from that game...
As i said the grapics are outdate but the story S2 told us never dies!

The fanbase that sc2 has also never dies!

If you dont care about old grapics go and play! Its free to download.

You start on Earth and after that ther is a complete galaxy to explore! (You will meet many aliens)
Go and explore the Star Control Universe!

download is here--> ( Free ) !