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Title: Clues regarding Utwig and Syra? (Spoilers)
Post by: Apple on August 03, 2013, 06:14:31 am
Hi all, ive come back to this game after a few years

Im doing a playthrough without buying any Melnorme info or checking online for answers (to get the real experience of playing the game)
I already know where Syra and the Utwig are, but I havent found any clues as to where they actually are
I was wondering if any of the races mention them at any time, OTHER than the Melnorme
Im just trying to get the clues from dialogue with races (also used the map that comes with the game to find spheres of influence)

for Syra, they mention the planet, but no one mentions what system its in, not even which constellation so far
for the Utwig and Supox, ive gotten NO mention of them AT ALL

Ive exhausted all my dialogue options and have even returned to each race after finishing their respective quests a while later to see whats new

Whats done so far:
Spathi are slave shielded
Pkunk have returned to the Yehat
Shofixti race is reborn
Yehat have started the civil war
Ilwrath and Thraddash destroyed
Initial contact with Umgah
Arilou quasispace drive obtained
Slylandro Probes destroyed
Initial contact with Chenjesu
Initial contact with Mycon
Admiral Zex dead
Initial contact with Druuge
Zot Fot Piq saved

Ive done all the dialogue options I can with all these races and have yet to find someone who tells me where Syra is and any whereabouts to the Utwig
Ive also not gotten any clues as to the Taalo device now that i think about it

So, without the Taalo device, i cant continue talking with the Umgah for info
Ive been keeping notes andI have checked out EVERY hint people have given me ingame, followed up on EVERY lead theyve given me and the only ones i have left are:
The Urquan are in the Crateris system
Mycon activity in Beta Brahe

I know what those are about and i cant go to Beta Brahe without knowing where Syra is

anyways to conclude, WHO gives information about the Utwig, Syra and the Taalo device and WHEN? (other than the Melnorme)

Title: Re: Clues regarding Utwig and Syra? (Spoilers)
Post by: onpon4 on August 03, 2013, 02:37:18 pm
Nope, other than the Melnorme, there's no mention of the Utwig and Supox, and Syra's location is never mentioned.

You don't need to find Syra; there are three shattered worlds you can get egg case fragments from, and Syra is one of them.

I think the location of the Sa-Matra is also never mentioned; you're just given a vague clue, I think telling you what constellation to look in.

Title: Re: Clues regarding Utwig and Syra? (Spoilers)
Post by: Apple on August 03, 2013, 05:26:22 pm
All right, thanks, I guess its reasonable for a person to try and explore the Utwig region of space and just find them, but it kind of sucks that no one tells you where Syra is
Youre just supposed to randomly look through Mycon space I guess? : p

And ya, Im still kind of wondering where you can get a clue about the Taalo device
the only thing the Arilou said is ill need "some kind of defense" against the Umgah
I know its in Orz space, but the Orz dont seem to mention it

Title: Re: Clues regarding Utwig and Syra? (Spoilers)
Post by: Tiberian on August 03, 2013, 08:21:47 pm
The Chmmr say that there are rumors of a Precursor planeteering tool being somewhere far towards the core in the possession of a non-hostile alien race.

I guess that's the only hint of the Utwig.

And in the original DOS version of the game, the Syreen mention where Syra is/was. That part of dialog has been cut out in the 3DO (UQM) version for reasons unknown.

Title: Re: Clues regarding Utwig and Syra? (Spoilers)
Post by: onpon4 on August 04, 2013, 02:27:07 pm
The Orz tell you about the *playground* (the planet with the Taalo device) if you talk to them enough. They mention the Taalo when talking about the *playground* as well.

Title: Re: Clues regarding Utwig and Syra? (Spoilers)
Post by: Apple on August 07, 2013, 03:56:48 am
Thanks for the info all
anyways, i tried the Orz again and i guess I just missed the part where they gave me the exact coordinates of the system : p