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Title: PSP Technical Issue
Post by: French Corsair on January 10, 2014, 06:58:50 am
I won't type a bunch of nonsense. I downloaded the PSP version of UQM and the resolution messed up. I can only see a portion of the screen, and when I go to different menus/screens, you see scan lines for a second before it squares itself away. Any intel on how I could fix this? Thanks in advance.

Edit: It also resets my system when I exit the programme.

Title: Re: PSP Technical Issue
Post by: architech000 on February 09, 2014, 10:54:17 am
Well since you refuse to... i will type a bunch of non-sense for your thread  ;)

I am new to this game but the only "intel" (cute btw) i can provide is concerning version numbers of the files you used. I am sure you are smarter than to screw it up this way but I am really bored and feel like wasting my time haha.

What version of the psp-port (eboot, not the content files) are you using?

"0.6.2 rev002" is the latest that exists. There are also others (0.5.0 rev001-003, 0.6.2 rev001) If so, you should be using the content files from the 0.6.0 release. (

There is no port for the psp since 2007 (or something).. which makes sense since the 0.7 release of uqm is farily new. Also, most people are like, "who even still uses a psp?!" Well as for me, its the only thing i have to play games on atm. Besides, i am trying to keep my custom firmware psp all up to date so someday when i pull it out of the basement i can boot it up and remember the good ole' days!

I would love to be able to play the new version with all of the bug fixes myself, though I doubt anyone will ever compile a fresh 0.7 version for a way outdated device..  BUT!..  isn't part of the reason we are playing this game because we have nostalgia for technologies and devices (and games!) that the rest of the world has forgotten about?!

I would compile it myself if a had a freakin clue where to start.

So anyway, maybe you used the wrong content packages and it was the cause of your problems. Try using the 6.0 ones.

And here is my vote for some cool fan to port the new version to the psp!  ;D

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