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Title: 0.2 still only get black screen
Post by: ElPape on February 26, 2003, 11:38:38 pm
Ok, downloaded and installed v0.2 for win. Tought this version would work, or at least, I tought I might give it a try. Well, no luck. I still get a black screen.

Last message in console:
Warning: %APPDATA% is not set. Falling back to "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data"
Warning: %USERPROFILE% is not set. Falling back to "..\userdata" for %APPDATA%
Warning: %APPDATA% is not set. Falling back to "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data"
Warning: %USERPROFILE% is not set. Falling back to "..\userdata" for %APPDATA%
Warning: %APPDATA% is not set. Falling back to "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data"
Warning: %USERPROFILE% is not set. Falling back to "..\userdata" for %APPDATA%
Saved games are kept in ../userdata/uqm/save/.
Initializing SDL (pure).
SDL driver used: directx
SDL initialized.
Initializing Screen.
Set the resolution to: 640x480x16
Initializing SDL audio subsystem.
SDL audio subsystem initialized.
Initializing MixSDL mixer.
MixSDL using driver 'SDL_audio'
MixSDL Mixer initialized.
   opened dsound at 44100 Hz 16 bit stereo, 2048 samples audio buffer
Initializing sound decoders.
Sound decoders initialized.
1 joysticks were found.
The names of the joysticks are:
   Microsoft PC-joystick driver
   4 axes, 2 buttons

And the interface screen stay black...
If anyone has a clue I would truly appreciate.
DX diag following (next message)


Title: DXdiag (rather long)
Post by: ElPape on February 26, 2003, 11:40:07 pm

System Information
Time of this report: 11/22/2002, 12:28:09
      Machine name: YanickPC
  Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 (4.10, Build 2222)  A
          Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell
      System Model: Dell
         Processor: Intel Pentium III, ~731MHz
            Memory: 256MB RAM
         Page File: 106MB used, 1686MB available
Primary File System: FAT32
   DirectX Version: DirectX 8.2 (
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    DxDiag Version: 32bit

DxDiag Notes
 DirectX Files Tab: No problems found.
     Display Tab 1: No problems found.
                    DirectDraw test results: All tests were successful.
                    Direct3D test results: All tests were successful.
       Sound Tab 1: DirectSound test results: All tests were successful.
         Music Tab: DirectMusic test results: All tests were successful.
         Input Tab: No problems found.
       Network Tab: No problems found.

Display Devices
       Card name: NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro
    Manufacturer: NVIDIA
       Chip type:
        DAC type:
       Device ID: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_002D&SUBSYS_000110DE&REV_15\000800
  Display Memory: 32.0 MB
    Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (16 bit)(optimal refresh rate)
         Monitor: DELL P991
 Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200
     Driver Name: nvdisp.drv
  Driver Version: (English)
     DDI Version: 7
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Driver Date/Size: 9/27/2002 15:38:00, 100160 bytes
   Driver Signed: Yes
 WHQL Date Stamp: n/a
             VDD: *vdd
        Mini VDD: nvmini.vxd
   Mini VDD Date: , 0 bytes
Device Identifier: {D7B71E3E-436D-11CF-867C-0020B7C2C935}
       Vendor ID: 0x10DE
       Device ID: 0x002D
       SubSys ID: 0x000110DE
     Revision ID: 0x0015
        Registry: OK
    DDraw Status: Enabled
      D3D Status: Enabled
      AGP Status: Enabled
DDraw Test Result: All tests were successful.
D3D7 Test Result: All tests were successful.
D3D8 Test Result: All tests were successful.

Sound Devices
     Description: Aureal - Vortex DirectSound Driver
       Device ID: MF\CHILD0000\PCI&VEN_12EB&DEV_0002&SUBSYS_33565053&REV_FE&58F000
 Manufacturer ID: 181
      Product ID: 34
            Type: VXD
     Driver Name: AU30WAVE.VXD
  Driver Version: (English)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
   Driver Signed: Yes
   Date and Size: 3/7/2000 11:21:20, 131099 bytes
     Other Files: au30aud.vxd
 Driver Provider: Turtle Beach Systems
  HW Accel Level: Full
        Registry: OK
Sound Test Result: All tests were successful.

DLS Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\gm.dls
          Microsoft Synthesizer, Software (Not Kernel Mode), Output, DLS, Internal, Default Port
          MIDI Mapper, Hardware (Not Kernel Mode), Output, No DLS, Internal
          TBS Montego II MPU-401, Hardware (Not Kernel Mode), Output, No DLS, External
          TBS Montego II MIDI, Hardware (Not Kernel Mode), Output, No DLS, Internal
          TBS Montego II MPU-401, Hardware (Not Kernel Mode), Input, No DLS, External
Registry: OK
Music Test Result: All tests were successful.

DirectShow Filters

DirectShow Filters:
WMAudio Decoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,,
MSScreen decoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,,
WMVideo Decoder DMO,0x00800001,1,1,,
WMVideo 8 Decoder DMO,0x00800001,1,1,,
Mpeg4 Decoder DMO,0x00800001,1,1,,
Indeo(R) audio software,0x00500000,1,1,IAC25_32.AX,
ClearVideo® Decompression Filter,0x00800000,1,1,CLRAMD.AX,
InterVideo Video Decoder,0x40000000,2,3,IVIVIDEO.AX,
InterVideo Audio Decoder,0x03680000,1,1,IVIAUDIO.AX,
Internal LMRT Renderer,0x00800001,1,0,LMRTREND.DLL,
URL StreamRenderer,0x00600000,1,0,LMRTREND.DLL,
WMP CD Filter,0x00600000,0,1,WMPCD.DLL,
Microsoft Screen Video Decompressor,0x00800000,1,1,MSSCDS32.AX,
Windows Media Video Decoder,0x00800000,1,1,WMVDS32.AX,
Windows Media Video Decoder,0x00800000,1,1,WMV8DS32.AX,
Color Converter,0x00200000,1,1,DECLRDS.AX,
WDM Capture Device,0x00200000,1,0,WMESRCWP.DLL,
Screen Capture filter,0x00200000,0,1,WMESRCWP.DLL,
Video Source,0x00200000,0,1,WMPREVU.DLL,
Audio Source,0x00200000,0,1,WMPREVU.DLL,
NetShow Theater Source Filter,0x00600000,0,2,QNSPRO.DLL,
Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Decompressor,0x00800000,1,1,MPG4DS32.AX,
Windows Media Audio Decoder,0x00800001,1,1,MSADDS32.AX, Sipro Lab Audio Decoder,0x00800001,1,1,ACELPDEC.AX,
VIVO Video Decoder Filter,0x00600001,1,1,VVVIDFLT.AX,
VIVO Audio Decoder Filter,0x00800002,1,1,VVAUDFLT.AX,
DivX Decoder Filter,0x00800000,1,1,DIVXDEC.AX,
Cutlist File Source,0x00200000,0,1,QCUT.DLL,
Indeo® video 5.06 Decompression Filter,0x00640000,1,1,IR50_32.DLL,5.1538.15.0044
Indeo® video 5.06 Compression Filter,0x00200000,1,1,IR50_32.DLL,5.1538.15.0044
Indeo® Audio Software,0x00500000,1,1,IAC25_32.AX,
TrueMotion 2.0 Decompressor,0x00600001,1,1,TM20DEC.AX,
IVF source filter,0x00600000,0,1,IVFSRC.AX,
RealPlayer Audio Filter,0x00200000,1,1,RPDS3260.DLL,
Xing® VideoCD Navigator,0x00600000,0,2,RPDS3260.DLL,
WM ASF Reader,0x00400000,0,0,QASF.DLL,
WM ASF Writer,0x00400000,0,0,QASF.DLL,
AVI Mux,0x00200000,1,0,QCAP.DLL,
File writer,0x00200000,1,0,QCAP.DLL,
Infinite Pin Tee Filter,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Smart Tee,0x00200000,1,2,QCAP.DLL,
DV Video Decoder,0x00800000,1,1,QDV.DLL,
DV Muxer,0x00400000,0,0,QDV.DLL,
DV Splitter,0x00600000,1,2,QDV.DLL,
Null Renderer,0x00200000,1,0,QEDIT.DLL,
MPEG Layer-3 Decoder,0x00810000,1,1,L3CODECX.AX,
BDA MPEG2 Transport Information Filter,0x00200000,1,0,PSISRNDR.AX,
VBI Surface Allocator,0x00600000,1,1,VBISURF.AX,5.01.2258.0400
WST Decoder,0x00600000,1,1,WSTDECOD.DLL,5.01.2258.0400
DivX for Blizzard Decoder Filter,0x00800000,1,1,BLIZZARD.AX,
AVI/WAV File Source,0x00400000,0,2,QUARTZ.DLL,
AVI Decompressor,0x00600000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
AVI Draw,0x00600064,9,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Color Space Converter,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
VGA 16 Color Ditherer,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Full Screen Renderer,0x00200000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
Video Renderer,0x00800000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
MPEG Audio Decoder,0x03680001,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
MPEG Video Decoder,0x40000001,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
MPEG-I Stream Splitter,0x00600000,1,2,QUARTZ.DLL,
File Source (Async.),0x00400000,0,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
QuickTime Movie Parser,0x00600000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
QT Decompressor,0x00600000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
AVI Splitter,0x00600000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Wave Parser,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
ACM Wrapper,0x00600000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
MIDI Parser,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Lyric Parser,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
SAMI (CC) Parser,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Internal Script Command Renderer,0x00800001,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
Multi-file Parser,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
File stream renderer,0x00400000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
File Source (URL),0x00400000,0,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
MJPEG Decompressor,0x00600000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
MPEG-2 Demultiplexer,0x00600000,1,1,MPG2SPLT.AX,
MPEG-2 Splitter,0x00600001,1,0,MPG2SPLT.AX,
AC3 Parser Filter,0x00600000,1,1,MPG2SPLT.AX,
Overlay Mixer,0x00200000,0,0,QDVD.DLL,
Overlay Mixer2,0x00400000,1,1,QDVD.DLL,
Line 21 Decoder,0x00600000,1,1,QDVD.DLL,
DVD Navigator,0x00200000,0,2,QDVD.DLL,
Windows Media source filter,0x00600000,0,2,DXMASF.DLL,
ASF DIB Handler,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASF ACM Handler,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASF ICM Handler,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASF URL Handler,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASF JPEG Handler,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASF DJPEG Handler,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASF embedded stuff Handler,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASX file Parser,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
ASX v.2 file Parser,0x00600000,1,0,DXMASF.DLL,
XML Playlist,0x00400000,1,0,DXMASF.DLL,
.RAM file Parser,0x00600000,1,0,DXMASF.DLL,
NSC file Parser,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
Windows Media Multiplexer,0x00600000,1,1,DXMASF.DLL,
File Source (Netshow URL),0x00400000,0,1,DXMASF.DLL,
Windows Media Update Filter,0x00400000,1,0,DXMASF.DLL,
Voxware MetaVoice Audio Decoder,0x00999998,1,1,VOXMVDEC.AX,
Indeo® video 4.3 Decompression Filter,0x00640000,1,1,IR41_32.AX,
Indeo® video 4.3 Compression Filter,0x00200000,1,1,IR41_32.AX,
Voxware MetaSound Audio Decoder,0x00999999,1,1,VOXMSDEC.AX,

Video Compressors:
MSScreen encoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,,
WMVideo Encoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,,
WMVideo8 Encoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,,
DV Video Encoder,0x00200000,0,0,QDV.DLL,
Indeo® video 5.04 Compression Filter,0x00100000,1,1,IR50_32.DLL,5.1538.15.0044
MJPEG Compressor,0x00200000,0,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
Indeo® video 5.06 Compression Filter,0x00100000,1,1,IR50_32.DLL,5.1538.15.0044
VDOnet VDOWave,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Cinepak Codec by Radius,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Intel Indeo(R) Video R3.2,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Microsoft Video 1,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Microsoft RLE,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Microsoft H.263 Video Codec,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Microsoft H.261 Video Codec,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Indeo® video 5.06,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
DivX Codec 4.01,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,
Intel Indeo® Video 4.4,0x00200000,1,1,QCAP.DLL,

Audio Capture Sources:
TBS Montego II Record,0x00200000,0,0,QCAP.DLL,

Audio Compressors:
WMAudio Encoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,,
Indeo® Audio Software,0x00500000,1,1,IAC25_32.AX,
Lernout & Hauspie CELP 4.8kbit/s,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Lernout & Hauspie SBC 8kbit/s,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Lernout & Hauspie SBC 12kbit/s,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Lernout & Hauspie SBC 16kbit/s,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
IMA ADPCM,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Microsoft ADPCM,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
GSM 6.10,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
CCITT A-Law,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
CCITT u-Law,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM),0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Microsoft G.723.1,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Windows Media Audio V1,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Windows Media Audio V2,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Voxware MetaSound,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Voxware MetaVoice,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Voxware v1.1.6/1.1.8 File-Mode Codecs,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
Voxware v1.1.8 Bitstream-Mode Codecs,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,
MPEG Layer-3,0x00200000,1,1,QUARTZ.DLL,

Audio Renderers:
TBS Montego II Playback,0x00200000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
Default WaveOut Device,0x00200000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
DirectSound: Aureal - Vortex DirectSound Driver,0x00200000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
Default DirectSound Device,0x00800000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,

Midi Renderers:
TBS Montego II MPU-401,0x00200000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
TBS Montego II MIDI,0x00200000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,
Default MidiOut Device,0x00800000,1,0,QUARTZ.DLL,

BDA Receiver Component:
BDA MPE Filter,0x00200000,1,1,,4.90.3000.0400
BDA Slip De-Framer,0x00200000,1,1,,4.90.3000.0400

BDA Rendering Filters:
BDA IP Sink,0x00200000,1,1,,4.90.3000.0400

WDM Streaming VBI Codecs:
CC Decoder,0x00200000,2,1,,4.90.3000.0400
NABTS/FEC VBI Codec,0x00200000,2,1,,4.90.3000.0400
WST Codec,0x00200000,1,1,,4.90.3000.0400

WDM Streaming Communication Transforms:
Tee/Sink-to-Sink Converter,0x00200000,1,1,,4.90.3000.0400

WDM Streaming Tee/Splitter Devices:
Tee/Sink-to-Sink Converter,0x00200000,1,1,,4.90.3000.0400

BDA Network Providers:
Microsoft ATSC Network Provider,0x00200000,0,1,MSDVBNP.AX,
Microsoft DVBS Network Provider,0x00200000,0,1,MSDVBNP.AX,

BDA Transport Information Renderers:
BDA MPEG2 Transport Information Filter,0x00600000,1,0,PSISRNDR.AX,

Input Devices
     Device Name: CH Flightstick
     Driver Name: Default
  Driver Version:  ()
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
   Date and Size: , 0 bytes

Poll w/ Interrupt: Yes
        Registry: OK

Input Drivers
 Registry Key: msjstick.drv<0001>
       Active: Yes
16-bit Driver: msjstick.drv
32-bit Driver: vjoyd.vxd

DirectPlay Service Providers
Serial Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpmodemx.dll (
Modem Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpmodemx.dll (
Internet TCP/IP Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpwsockx.dll (
IPX Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpwsockx.dll (
DirectPlay8 IPX Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (
DirectPlay8 TCP/IP Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (
DirectPlay8 Modem Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (
DirectPlay8 Serial Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (
DirectPlay Test Result:

DirectPlay Lobbyable Apps
Heroes of Might and Magic III (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: Heroes3.exe (<File Missing>)
Railroad Tycoon II (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: RT2.EXE (<File Missing>)
A_EuropaUniversalis (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: europa.exe (
Cossacks (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: dmcr.exe (<File Missing>)
Combat Flight Simulator 2 (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: cfs2.ICD (<File Missing>)
MechWarrior 3 (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: mech3.exe (<File Missing>)
Crimson Skies (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: Crimson.exe (<File Missing>)
Deep Space 9: Dominion Wars (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: ds9dw.exe (<File Missing>)
RiskII (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: RiskII.exe (<File Missing>)
iwar2 (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: LOADER.EXE (<File Missing>)
Startopia (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: Startopia.exe (<File Missing>)
Stronghold Crusader (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: Stronghold Crusader.exe ()
Axis & Allies (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: AXIS.EXE ()
Axis & Allies Iron Blitz (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: Axis.exe ()

Inactive Display Entries in Registry
Card name: S3 Trio32/64 PCI (732/764)
   Driver: s3.drv
Card name:

Inactive Sound Entries in Registry

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D:    0/4 (n/a)
DirectDraw:  0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (n/a)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (n/a)
DirectPlay:  0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 2/5 (retail)

Title: Re: 0.2 still only get black screen
Post by: PhracturedBlue on February 27, 2003, 11:35:32 pm
well, lets see....

Warning: %APPDATA% is not set. Falling back to "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data"
Warning: %USERPROFILE% is not set. Falling back to "..\userdata" for %APPDATA%
Warning: %APPDATA% is not set. Falling back to "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data"
Warning: %USERPROFILE% is not set. Falling back to "..\userdata" for %APPDATA%
Warning: %APPDATA% is not set. Falling back to "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data"
Warning: %USERPROFILE% is not set. Falling back to "..\userdata" for %APPDATA%

This doesn't look good.  Win98 should set one of these variable.

My recomendations would be:
1) try using opengl mode.
2) try disabling your joystick (this would need to be done from the bios or inside Windows, not exactly sure)
3) try running in 32bit mode.

This really sounds like a video-card issue (or some interaction between SDL and directx).  If so, I'm not really sure what we can do.

Title: Re: 0.2 still only get black screen
Post by: ElPape on February 27, 2003, 11:47:26 pm
Wouhou!!!! *big freakin' kiss all over (well almost)* It works!! Yes sir-ee-do!! It was the joystick, just unpluged it...



Title: Re: 0.2 still only get black screen
Post by: PhracturedBlue on February 28, 2003, 12:59:36 am
Glad it (well at least one of my ideas) worked.

I have filed a bug on your behalf, so that we can try to fix this in the future.

Bug #202 if you care