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Title: UQM 64
Post by: Kwayne on January 15, 2014, 04:26:24 pm
Ever since I made an SC2 demake comm screen, I've been thinking about turning UQM graphics to look like they're made for C64 specs. Basically it doesn't seem like a big challenge, but there are some features in UQM that needs to be altered in order to make a convincing mod. This requires some insight in coding UQM which I don't have, and I'm looking for the help of whoever can assist me in this project. (If making it is even possible)

What I need is:

- a 40px border around a 320x200 res screen
- planet lander screen: planet surface generation reduced to use only 2 colors, rotating planet image replaced by static image
- shifting some UI elements to align with a grid of 8x8 character tiles
- re-cutting dialogues to make them fit into a section of the comm screen separate from the captain image. (c64 can't handle overlay text)
- turning smooth screen transitions off in combat and navigation