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Title: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages - Another Fun Top Down Space Game
Post by: Rapajez on April 23, 2014, 05:28:06 am
I just played the demo for this on Steam, and thought a lot of users here might enjoy it:

It's a top-down space shooter, with a long single-player campaign, with a unique story. Missions range from killing X mercenaries to traveling inside your brain to bind neutrons...or something like that...crazy stuff.

Tons of ship customization. You unlock a ton of hulls in 5 categories ranging from basic fighters, to "grapplers", which use melee moves, including grabbing and throwing other ships into stuff. Each hull also has a ton of equipment you can research, arrange, stack, and customize. There's a bunch of scenarios and multiplayer to keep you busy after the campaign. Of course, the campaign itself is pretty linear, and there's no SCII-style exploration, but net-melee fans will definitely enjoy the combat. Graphics and sound are the best I've seen for a game in this tiny genre; although the interface can be a little lack-luster.

Anyway, I enjoyed the demo, thinking about purchasing it (demo progress caries over), and figured I'd throw this out to the community.