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Title: New SC2 Mod for GalCiv2:TA (Early download available)
Post by: Pendrokar on June 23, 2014, 02:44:54 pm
Since I could not make contact with user lendrick, regarding his version of SC2 mod for GalCiv2, I made it from scratch using The Ur-Quan Masters HD images not available for lendrick at the time. (

I think it be fun to have a scenario where two high tech races are at war, while the player is trying to gather up strength to face both of these races, while also not allowing either race to win their war. Sadly Galactic Civilizations 2 does not have scriptable ingame events that would allow major actions that can be caused in Star Control 2.

I'll keep you up to date on the ModDB page - (

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Hopefully when and if Galactic Civilization 3 ( will get modding support, I hope to make this mod for it too.

Source Code -
Modding Galactic Civilization 2 involves editing XML files, no programming knowledge required. Help is always welcome.