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Title: help with gamepad
Post by: old school on February 28, 2003, 09:00:12 am
ive read the instructions and ive come at an impass. it seems the two default examples will not work with my controller. i use a Saitek p880 dual analog with 8 buttons.
ive edited the the first example and yes ive deleated the "#". i can get "up", "left" and "right" to work but when i push "down" at text or hyper melee choices, i get nothin. what i need to know is what letter or number i need to use or another format or example.heres what i got so far:

"left" <Joy-A1+>
"right" <Joy-A0->
"up" <Joy-a0+>
"down" should be... <Joy-A1->
but its not and so im lost. what does the (A) mean?
is there other numbers beside zero or one to use?
i havent even got the buttons yet. oh this is funny i push a button and well heres "down". now how in the heck do i move "down" from my buttons to the direction pad. can you make it so it loads on auto. or send me a copy of your starcon.key via email, if you have got your gamepad working so i can use it as an example plez. or post here. plez i need help and must use my gamepad. i hate, hate, hate using the keyboard. im almost willing to pay cash lol.

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: PhracturedBlue on February 28, 2003, 07:43:37 pm
Please paste the entire joystick section of yourstarcon.key file, as well as what effects you get with each of the current settings
From the top of the starcon.key file:

# The format for joystick button presses is
# <Joy-Bn> where n is the button number
# The format for joystick axis movement is
# <Joy-An+> or <Joy-An-> where n is the axis number, and the
# + or - represents the direction of movement
# You can combine two joystick button presses with
# <Joy-Cn,m> where n and m are button numbers

We do not plan to automate the joystick detection, though once we have a keyconfig program, you should be able to setup your joystick very painlessly.

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: old school on March 01, 2003, 04:36:30 am
ok heres what i got:
im using the 2 axis,2 button example with nothing changed.
"left" <Joy-A0->
"right" <Joy-A0+>
"up" <Joy-A1->
"down" <Joy-A1+>
"Enter" <Joy-B0>
" " <Joy-B1>
"Rctrl" <Joy-C0,1>

now when i use my controller on thoes settings this is what i get:
i press down=up
i press up=right
i press right=left
i press left=nothing happens
i press button 1=down
i press button 2=enter
i press button 3 thru 6=nothin happens
i press right trigger=nothin happens
i press left trigger=nothin happens

well thats it, if there is any way you could make this work you have my utmost graditude and appriceation!!

oh i forgot the combonation of the two buttons by the way.

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: PhracturedBlue on March 01, 2003, 06:06:33 pm
It sounds like the correct settings for your pad are:

"left" <Joy-A0+>
"right" <Joy-A1->
"up" <Joy-A1+>
"down" <Joy-B0>
"Enter" <Joy-B1>
" " <Joy-B2>
"Rctrl" <Joy-C0>

I don't really know how to make buttons 2 and 3 work(I just threw in some guesses), But I'd just try using different values for B and C (i.e. B2, B3, C1, C2, etc)

your gamepad behaves very strangely btw.  the axis are defined plain wrong.  I expect  this is a problem with SDL not liking your gamepad, but whatever the reason, we should be able to find controls that will work.

Let us knnow how it turns out.

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: Defender on March 01, 2003, 08:40:48 pm
i was lazy and didnt log in so used that other screen name my bad.
but on to the problem or lack of as i found out what i think i was doing wrong:
i used your format and down still didnt work but left, right, and up did. so next i started over with the working L R U and something came me, i was using the minus button from the keyboard not the number pad. so i went back thru and changed everthing using the just the number pad, now it works like it should with just the axis for movement. oh wait its all reversed now up=down, left=right. well that was easy fix, did the old switch a roo and YES it works. next i tackeled the buttons which was interesting. i found out that 0=B1 1=B2 2=B3 and so on. any ways its all good now HAPPY DAYS AND JUBILATION!
is there a differance using the number pad from the keyboard numbers? if so why?
many thanks too you for your help and great game =shakes hand=
i made a copy i stashed it away so i woulnt have to go thru this again. plus heres the working order i used short version:
"left" joy-A0-
"right" joy-A0+
"up" joy-A1-
"down" joy-A1+
"enter" joy-B0
" " joy-B2
"rctrl" joy-B3
"esc" joy-B6
"lshift" joy-B7
"rshift" joy-B8
thanks again~DEFIANT

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: Vindicator on March 02, 2003, 06:24:35 am
Interesting.  When I started trying to configure my joystick, (Non-USB Gravis Gamepad Pro), my controls and buttons did exactly the same thing.  The solution that worked for me was to drop the joystick definitions one line in the file.  This is what my current (working) starcon.key file looks like:

"Right" <Joy-A0->
"Up" <Joy-A0+>
"Down" <Joy-A1->
"Enter" <Joy-A1+>
" " <Joy-B2>
"RCtrl" <Joy-B0>
"Esc" <Joy-B1>
"LShift" <Joy-B5>
"RShift" <Joy-B7>

Everything works except for the ESC (emergency warp) button.  Your solution is probably the more correct one.  Weird.

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: Defender on March 02, 2003, 07:21:25 am
huh thats weird indeed. im glad (in a, im not alone sorta way) that im not the only one whos been having problems. i also wanted to note that i deleated the "#" from in front of
"example player 1 (2 axis,2 button). i read in another post that someone did the same thing as you...interesting. well im just happy to get it workin. now that i understand it a little bit more, may be i could help some one else? well, talk at you all later~DEFIANT

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: D.RyanNelson on March 04, 2003, 05:09:13 am
 ??? Everyone here is doing better than I. I cannot get either of my gamepads recognised by the game, I.E. none of the buttons/directions do anything. If somebody could please tell me how / if this game can recognise USB port gamepads. BTW I am in no way a capable computer programmer, but that hasn't yet kept me from trying.

Thank You

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: Defender on March 04, 2003, 09:29:25 am
thats weird im having problems staying logged in hmmm...
anyways try different gameport numbers. it starts aT zero so try 1 on up. if that dont work im not sure. you could also try the properties and see where there plugged in at on your computer. well its a start at least. post an update on your progress or lack of.~DEFIANT

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: Azzizi on March 05, 2003, 11:14:08 am
A couple of notes, on the Gamepad issue, that might help people out. Be advised, however, that I have not personally gotten my gamepad to work properly, but it's a very odd one.

It would appear that UQM is at *least* capable of detecting USB gamepads. The reason I say this is that my pad is a Playstation USB converter, and as I'll explain in a minute, I can verify that it's recognized as at least *existing* by the game.

At an informed guest (I'm not sure if it's the case, since I haven't even downloaded, let alone looked at the source code) that any pad DirectInput and Windows can recognize and has an installed driver for can be at least detected by the game, but i won't swear to it.

What's probably of most use to most of us is this tidbit-- That console window full of text messages that the game puts up when it starts is really terribly useful. If you scroll up to the top of the window's output when a joystick/gamepad is plugged in, some lines sort of like this near the beginning:

Sound decoders initialized.
1 joysticks were found.
The names of the joysticks are:
     Microsoft PC-joystick driver
     4 axes, 12 buttons
           'starcon.key' -- 2000 bytes
           'lbm/scclrtab.ct' -- 8658 bytes
We've loaded the Kernel
And so on. Obviously, the joystick section is the important part. Near as i can tell, it's found my USB pad through the Windows game controller driver stuff, and knows that it's a 4-axis, 12 button joystick (which is correct, as the adapter supports anything up to a Dual Shock 2, which has multiple analog sticks, and a whole host of buttons on it.

So in theory, A) USB controllers should work fine, and B) the information the game prints out at startup may help you figure out what you need to do to make use of the pad, or at least see if the game thinks it's there or not. But again, i'm not one of the coders working on it, and I haven't even gotten a chance to peruse the code, so take all this with a grain of salt.

Hope that helps, in some way or other. On a side note, that console window spews out all sorts of good infor about what the game's doing. I leave mine easily visible behind the game window, especially when I'm hitting anything that errors the game out.

Ohyes. One final note. I'm running WinXP Pro SP1. Since there are wide differences between XP Pro and just about every other windows version, and especially between the XP and 98 or ME Kernels, there's a good chance you may see something very different than I see in terms of USB looking supported if you're running something else.

Title: Re: help with gamepad
Post by: PhracturedBlue on March 07, 2003, 08:09:55 pm
There is no difference between the '-' on the keypad and the '-' on the main keyboard.  If you don't believe me, bring up the file in a hex editor (and then prove me wrong)

The most likely cause is due to CR/LF issues.  Also, having space at the end of the line may or may not cause problems.

I can add some debugging code to uqm to help resolve this, but you'll need the ability to compile from CVS.  If someone with one of these hosed pads is willing to do this, let me know, and I'll walk you through what needs to be done to test it.