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Title: In game setup does not save
Post by: Kalin on October 26, 2014, 02:25:17 am
I finally decided to dive into Ur-Quan Masters and noticed 0.7 was out, so I updated from 0.6.2 (I played briefly before). I started it up and then changed some things like using full screen and disabling the new remixes, but they wouldn't save no matter what I tried. I exited the settings in various ways, tried quitting with F10 and in game quit, restarted the program, tried selecting the options with different keys (only enter works), nothing. They just won't save on exit. When I start back up, everything is like when it first ran. Any solution to this? It saved in 6.2   I also tried a full uninstall, then install, in case anything conflicted with the upgrade. I'm on windows 7 32 bit, normal uqm.