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Title: Sdl.dll not found
Post by: BT on March 01, 2003, 03:50:03 am
I get the following message when trying to run the game: SDL.DLL not found. Where can i find it and where should i put it?

Title: Re: Sdl.dll not found
Post by: PhracturedBlue on March 01, 2003, 06:10:20 pm
It should have been installed by the installer, and e located in the "The UrQuan Masters" directory.
If it is not there, your install did not go through successfully.  You can try rerunning the installer, and only selecting "Graphics/Sound libs"  This will reinstall the libraries without downloading any files.

If the files are there already, and clicking on uqm in that  directory still doesn't work, then you must have a conflicting  version of SDL somewhere on your system.  Run a find for"SDL.dll" and see what turns up