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Title: 2015 - Nuclear combat in the Middle East
Post by: Tiberian on March 17, 2015, 07:42:22 pm
As we all know, a prophesy by Fred Ford and Paul Reiche from 1992 says that this year there's going to be a nuclear combat between several Middle Eastern countries, resulting in the death of over a million individuals.

Now we wait.

*EDIT* My memory failed me, it was "almost a million died".

Title: Re: 2015 - Nuclear combat in the Middle East
Post by: Krulle on March 18, 2015, 10:11:01 am
Quote from: (
Alien scrutiny intensified as armed conflicts on Earth continued unabated. The Small War of 2015 came close to obliterating civilization on Earth when nuclear combat broke out between several Middle Eastern countries. Less than a dozen warheads were exchanged, but even so, nearly a million people died. The terrible loss of life and the threat of planetwide Armageddon sobered global leaders. The leaders of the industrialized nations and the Third World met at United Nations headquarters in New York and agreed to cooperate in an immediate strengthening of U.N. authority. Within six months, the U.N. Security Council had assembled a large Peace-Keeping Army and assumed worldwide control over all weapons of mass destruction. "Mass-kill" devices were gathered from every country that possessed them. The weapons were dismantled and stored in huge subterranean bunkers that came to be known as "Peace Vaults". Simultaneously, the U.N. outlawed the sale of smaller arms. Ten years after the U.N. summit, in 2025, the Earth experienced its first year without war.
This year is the first time the SC prophesy can being tested whether it's true or not.....

So, "nearly a million died" in the small war of 2015.
But then you will also have to deal with the fallout, which will kill plenty more.
And that on top of the already problematic humanitarian situation in several Middle Eastern countries.

Also: Happy St. Patricks ( day, everyone!