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Title: UQM-HD - New Images for use in game
Post by: Brytag on October 26, 2015, 02:36:16 am

Here are some new modified images for use with the UQM-HD beta game if anyone is interested in using them.


I have taken all of the new HD ship database images from the UQM-HD facebook website and added the ship info onto the images, then properly resized and re-formatted them so I could use them in game.  You can see the original images here:

(                  (                   (                 ([/img)              (

(                  (                   (                 (              (

(                  (                   (                 (              (  etc.

To use these images in your game, download the "" file from one of the links below. Again, these new ship database images are only for use in 4X resolution (1280 x 960). The ship database images can be viewed in game by pressing the "alt" key in Super Melee and in the Shipyard.

I also created new images for the new star map and mineral keys which are available for download too if interested.




If you want to use these images in your game, just download this "":

and REPLACE your current which is in your "Ur-Quan Masters High Definition Beta 1\content\addons" directory, with this new zip file.


If you only want to use the ship images alone:  Then Download this:

If there is any reason I should not be making these images available, please let me know and I will take them down.

Title: Re: UQM-HD - New Images for use in game
Post by: Brytag on October 26, 2015, 10:49:12 am

Since I couldn't find a fix for the broken subtitles anywhere, I have fixed the subtitles for the Utwig dialogue and the Shofixti dialogue, and you can download them here if interested.

To install, extract the zip file onto your hard drive, then copy the contents into your UQM-HD beta directory. Overwrite/merge all files when asked. Make sure to backup your original game first.

This is only for The Ur-Quan Masters HD Beta.

Title: Re: UQM-HD - New Images for use in game
Post by: Schizoid on December 07, 2015, 08:40:51 am
Hi! :D

Great idea! But why you broke the proportion of image? And the ships is now stretched vertically.

I made my an alternate version. With the right proportions of the ships and without text and tables, which spoil the images in my opinion. Some images were subjected to color correction.

It looks like this:
( (  ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

This only 30 mb addon, which works in both resolutions - 2x and 4x.

Download (


1. Put "" in game folder in "\content\addons\"
2. In the properties of the shortcut to run the game after «uqm.exe» append: "--addon hdships"
     Should get - ... \[game folder]\uqm.exe --addon hdships

Title: Re: UQM-HD - New Images for use in game
Post by: metamorphosis on December 09, 2015, 12:58:48 am
Hi Guys,
just thought I would respond here,
both of your works are good,
could you both upload and PM me the photoshop files for these.

The reason for this is (a) Schizoid, your work is good but the overlays for the ship stats are in the original game and need to be overlaid. I like what you've done with preserving the aspect ratio and putting the ship title at the top, this is consistent with the original game.
(b) Brytag, your versions are great, but as Schizoid noted, the aspect ratio is off. His titles are better, but your overlays are great and should go in. But I need the original versions so that I can resize them down correctly (shrinking the current images down to 320x240 results in an unreadable mess).

I can't speak for dczanik, because he's the art director, but I will try and include these as placeholders at least.

A couple of other notes: Brytag, the lander etc graphics look grand but the current graphics need to stay as they more adequately point out the relevant hotkeys.
Also the subtitles you've given are not as accurate as the ones currently in the repo (based on the recent UQM vanilla changes) but you found a mistake in the new utwig recordings, which I have fixed, so thanks for that.

Title: Re: UQM-HD - New Images for use in game
Post by: metamorphosis on December 11, 2015, 03:48:04 am
Thanks for getting in touch Schizoid,
the updated images are going into the game, as placeholders just for the moment (I don't have any authority to really "sign off" on them...).

My updated versions look like the below (combo of Schizoid and the original text, but with changes):
( (

Title: Re: UQM-HD - New Images for use in game
Post by: Krulle on December 11, 2015, 11:56:11 am
I always wondered why the ZapSats exhaust is pointing "below" the plane of the Avatar.
If they're flying circles around the Avatar, their exhaust should be pointed within the plane of the Avatar outwards of the cricle.
Now it looks like there is a very strong gravity force pulling the ZapSats "*below*".

Maybe it's the Orz?

Title: Re: UQM-HD - New Images for use in game
Post by: CelticMinstrel on December 14, 2015, 06:10:08 am
The overlays could probably be included in the game as a separate image which is then drawn on top of the main ship image. In fact, the titles could be done like that too. Basically, there's no need for the graphics to be fully precomposed since they can easily be composed at runtime as needed.