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Title: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: SupremeLordTanaka on March 15, 2003, 04:06:02 am
Ok, this is what confuses me about the whole Illwrath Thraddash thing.
1. If you effectively steal the aqua helix before the illwrath come, the Thraddash's space goes down dramatically, making it less than a third of the Illwrath's.
2. Even if the most experienced Thraddash pilot goes against the weakest Illwrath pilot, I dont see how the Thraddash has much of a chance. I mean, come on, cloaking device + more crew vs less crew
3. Even if the Illwrath won (barely), they should have won by alot more. Granted the Thraddash are mean fighters, the Illwrath are possessed by their love for Dogar & Kazon.
4. Just to prove to myself that a Thraddash doesnt stand a chance, I faced the two off in a 12x12 melee fight. Just as predicted, the Illwrath only lost 1 ship before killing the whole fleet. May I add the Illwrath was on easy comp while the Thraddash was on Hard mode.

doesnt make a whole lot of sense. Maybe i'm just being stupid, but this is a weird fight.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: Paxtez on March 15, 2003, 04:24:59 am
My first impression would be that the thrad would have kind of an easy victory agaist the illwrath.  But I tested it out in melee (me thrad vs 12 awsome illwrath).  At first it was a bit dogdy, I lost 3 ships before I killed one of his (its been a few years since I last played).  But after I got a tactic I couldn't be touched.  After I killed 3 of his without losing 1 crew, I declared victory.

Just think about it, thrad is much faster then illwrath, illwrath is an only close up ship.  Since thrad has the speed advantage, the match can only go two ways.

1) Thrad sits there waits for illwrath, when it gets close, fires thruster thingie, maybe damaging the illwrath, maybe not.  Go back to 1).  The thrad is perfectly safe in this situation, the illwrath  can do it 100 times and never hit him and long as the thraddash pilot doesn't fall asleep.

2) The illwrath finds the planet to try gravity whip towards the thrad (stiill not really faster then it).  All the thrad has to do, is line up in the illwraths flight path and drop a whole lot of fireballs.  Since he's going so fast he won't be able to avoid it.
So again, the thraddash is safe, and the illwrath is in danger.

On top of that, the thraddash can use the little crap gun to slowly wear down the illwrath while staying away from the illwrath.

EDIT: I desided to watch an awsome cyborg battle of the match.  The computer controlled thraddash is retarded.  Although, he did use a good tactic, I noticed when he used it he wasn't touched, and hurt the illwrath, the only time he got hurt is when he just rushed the illwrath head on with the crap gun blazing.

When he would zoom towards the illwrath and at the last second turn around leaving a trail of fireballs, the illwrath usally took some damage.  Also while staying away using the crap gun.  If the computer did that all the time instead of rushing in point blank range, he would havve won.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: Niahak on March 15, 2003, 05:21:59 am
I'm an inexperienced player, and I was still able to beat the crap out of one ilwrath with one thraddash (admittedly, I was only able to do one trial)... I think the problem is, if you have two computers playing, the computers don't understand what the burner thing even is... neither side.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: SupremeLordTanaka on March 15, 2003, 06:07:54 am
ya, maybe you're right, but I mean, is a computer gonna be that smart? Are they really going to find some way to beat an Illwrath I mean, from what I've seen, the computers main reaction to an incoming fighter is to attack from the oncoming fighters front. Now on hard computer mode, the Illwrath shoots down any oncoming missiles that are below the medium-weak range. i dunno, maybe i'm wrong, i just dont see it. especially with the cloaking device.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: Shiver on March 15, 2003, 07:35:49 am
I noticed that if you gain the Aqua helix by impressing the Thraddash instead of sending them off against the Kohr-Ah, the Thraddash and Ilwrath fleets completely cancel each other out. I never checked the Thraddash homeworld to see if it was still intact after the war, but it probably was.

Anyhow, the main reason I'm posting here is because I wanted to point out that an all-out war between two species would have completely different mechanics from the small-scale duels you engage in. The Thraddash themselves say they kill two Avengers for every Torch they lose in battle. The majority of the Thraddash casualties must be due to cloaked Ilwrath sneak attacks.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: evilgogeta500 on March 15, 2003, 07:31:32 pm
I sent the Thraddash after the Kohr-Ah to get the aqua helix.  Then later when I needed access to the Chmmr I sent the Ilwrath on their rampage.  The thraddash sphere of influence was small so it got wiped out before the Ilwrath one did.  Then the Ilwrath one just kept shrinking and disappeared even though there were no Thraddash left.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: Shiver on March 15, 2003, 10:39:27 pm
Really? Well, it might be that they were attacking the homeworld and couldn't beat its defenses, but that does seem buggy.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: SupremeLordTanaka on March 15, 2003, 10:57:04 pm
Another thing. You said that there are tons of hidden duels and such in the midst of battle. When the Kohr-Ah started killin everyone in 2159, shouldnt they have gone down in size at least a little? Especially with the Utwig and Yehat.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: Matticus on March 17, 2003, 04:20:26 pm
If the Utwig's Ultron hadn't been repaired I don't think the Kohr-Ah sphere of influence would shrink at all. Remember the first time the Utwig encountered the Kohr-Ah they were happy because they thought someone was finally going to annihilate them. As for the Supox, they hold the Utwig as their models so if the Utwig would just sit there and let themselves get killed do you think the Supox would do the same? I'm actually not sure of the answer to that one. It's an interesting question.

Now if the Captain has repaired the Ultron, then that's a different story.

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: GermanNightmare on March 18, 2003, 09:28:12 am
Where's Earth's ULTRON when you need it?

Title: Re: Thraddash vs Illwrath
Post by: RockasaurusRex2000 on March 21, 2003, 03:01:41 am
even still, their circle shouldve gone down a little