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Title: Amiga_Nut is here.
Post by: Amiga_Nut on September 06, 2016, 09:32:55 am
This post is mostly for the benefit of SVBD, Fossil, McMartin and the other devs who may remember me. Hey guys! I'm sorry I never got around to finishing your animations. Most of the fault is in me, that I was being lazy and moved on to other things I deemed more important at the time. But part of the fault also was some of the officious bastards resident in the IRC like Shiver. The banning of the Thraddash from tournaments. The way new players just joining the channel weren't handled more gently, or cultivated to stay and become permanent parts of the group. The atmosphere just made me want to give up. I'm sorry I didn't try harder. I love you guys; not that even now, I really know you all that well, but I love what you've done.

In my departure, we've lost track of each other. /shipanims is no longer there... has it been deleted completely?
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Title: Re: Amiga_Nut is here.
Post by: Death 999 on September 06, 2016, 05:40:36 pm
Hey, I remember you!

Shiver's pretty calm these days. Thraddash is still an unfun ship as designed, though. Did you try the balance mod?