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Title: Eternal Doctrine Part IV
Post by: Tiberian on May 01, 2017, 02:14:31 pm
Little by little the story is nearing its inevitable end. This is not it, though. Part V will be the last one.

Now I have an actual website for this project, including a blog where I plan to write some more or less interesting stuff at least semi-regularly. This is the first "release" I've done since setting up the webpage so I'm still figuring out how to deliver the news. My first attempt is to direct people to a blog post discussing the release, so that's where I'm directign you now:

Blog post regarding the release of Eternal Doctrine Part IV (

Discussion is very welcome, especially on the comments of the blog post.

And since this is a special place (as is the PoNaF forum), I will also give you the direct link if you just want to start reading right away:

Eternal Doctrine Part IV (PDF) (