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Title: Brighteness
Post by: Corsus on March 25, 2003, 08:45:02 pm
How can i make the game more brighter?
Because my monitor displays very dark and I can't see very well.

So please explain how it can be done, if it can be done.

Title: Re: Brighteness
Post by: Nic. on March 25, 2003, 09:17:05 pm
Gamma adjustments cannot be done in 0.2, but the ability was added to CVS a while back, and will definitely be available in 0.3.

If sitting around and waiting for another release isn't your bag, you also have the options of building your own from CVS sources, or downloading an "unofficial build" that some other users of this forum make available publicly.  One of the little icons under my picture will take you to an "unofficial UQM for MacOSX" page that I'm hosting, I don't know where to get "unofficial" builds for other platforms.