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Title: Read this if you dont like mining.
Post by: RockasaurusRex2000 on March 28, 2003, 04:16:27 am
ok, first, get all the moon/radioactives/spathi thing done.
1) get 60 units of fuel
2) go to Alpha Ptolmae-mine at planet 7
3) go to Alpha Centauri- mine at planets 3 and 8
4)go back to command center and get all the speed boosters and get another fuel tank
5)go to Delta Tauri (above Illwrath) and mine all the planets you can
6)go back to command center
7)get one more fuel tank and fill it
8)go to Ur-quan crash site *can't remember star off the top of my head*
9) go through Quasi-Space portal
10)Get portal Spawner
11)make your way to Beta Scorpii using portal (avoid mycon confrontations)
12)you're good to go, I suggest spotting the rainbow worlds next, then working your way form there.

**this may be extrememly difficult due to mycon infestation, be very careful and don't try unless you are an experienced pilot.

Title: Re: Read this if you dont like mining.
Post by: chmmravatar on March 28, 2003, 09:46:22 am
The Ur-Quan Dreadnaught crash site is at Alpha Pavonis (056.2:800.0)

Title: Re: Read this if you dont like mining.
Post by: Censored on March 28, 2003, 11:34:08 pm
Or, you could mine the Centauri system
that's enough for all the thrusters and turning-jets plus fuel and maximum storage modules (sell the useless earthling ship), so from there on you hunt rainbow worlds.

if you know the location of 4-5 rainbow planets you won't have to go back to Earth for a long time, excluding the ZFP incident, allying and researching

in case you're wondering, fuel can be bought for much less from the Melnorme (considering, again, that you found rainbow worlds)

Title: Re: Read this if you dont like mining.
Post by: Kohr-Ah_Primat on April 16, 2003, 11:46:29 am
Personally, I prefer grabbing the portal spawner and using it to find a rainbow world, and selling the coordinates to the Melnorme for 500 units of fuel, which translates into 10,000 RU. Four more will net you every technology he has to offer, and you're good to go. Smearing the Umgah guardian force nets you another easy 1000 credits/20,000 RU (or was it 500 credits?) and if you're for some bizarre reason STILL short, I extort the Druuge of 1610 fuel units. At that point you won't ever have to mine again. But if you're insistent on buying a full task force of Nemesi, then you can always mine those rainbow worlds with a ship full of cargo bays, since they're always chock full of tremendous deposits of radioactives. (Note that Groombridge have two humungous deposits of these. I assume they're Fred and Paul.)