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Title: ending?
Post by: Igniz on April 02, 2003, 04:59:52 pm
I beat the game and there was no ending, only credits.  Is that normal for this version?  I'll try again in a few days probably.

Ur Quan Masters is one of the best games ever.  I have the PC version on the shelf behind me.

Title: Re: ending?
Post by: Novus on April 02, 2003, 07:05:49 pm
UQM does not currently have any of the video from the 3DO version, which means that the intro, ending and ship presentation animations are missing. So, yes, it's perfectly normal for UQM to skip directly to the credits when you destroy the Sa-Matra.

The video files are stored in an obscure and outdated video format that no one has playback code for any more.

BTW, does anyone know how work is progressing on deciphering the video content?

Title: Re: ending?
Post by: Igniz on April 03, 2003, 01:01:43 am
what's the video format?

Title: Re: ending?
Post by: OnkelTheo on April 03, 2003, 02:09:36 am
I think it's quite amazing that we today aren't able to watch a video, made no longer than ten years ago..
What about todays video formats? Will mpeg or avi be impossible to read in ten years!?

Title: Re: ending?
Post by: Matt on April 03, 2003, 08:17:17 am
The file extension is .DUK; I'm not sure the name of the codec itself. Also, someone mentioned that TFB probably does not own the copyright to the 3do intro/ending. Apparently the sound was extracted, though.

I prefer the PC ending, actually. Even if it can't have voices!

Title: Re: ending?
Post by: Novus on April 03, 2003, 04:55:35 pm
The videos are in Duck Corporation TrueMotion S, an old proprietory codec. Apparently, they kept the specs and source code under wraps and lost them some time ago, and nobody remembers the details any more. Or something like that.

Title: Re: ending?
Post by: Joost Schuttelaar on April 03, 2003, 05:34:05 pm
Maybe the original raw data is out there somewhere? Or somebody can capture the 3DO video-output and convert it...

Another way, (best quality) would be to get a 3DO emulator (freedo) and capture the audio/videostream. Perhaps there's even an option in the emulator that does it for you.

Title: Re: ending?
Post by: Lukipela on April 03, 2003, 06:00:10 pm
Before you go any further on this, you might want to read:;action=display;num=1046665685;start=0

just a friendly FYI :)