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Title: Ur-Quan Masters (& Ur-Quan Masters HD) broken on Android (sourceforge DLs gone!)
Post by: purpletinker on August 10, 2018, 07:10:53 am
Feeling a little *frumple* after trying to install UQM HD, or regular UQM, and failing on both :(

Looks like the files on sourceforge got moved or removed, and so the game fails to download the required data packs it needs to get running.

I tried manually downloading them and stashing them in the game directory, hoping that the install script would be clever enough to say "oh, we've already downloaded these, so I'll install them rather than trying to download again", but that did not happen. (Perhaps this feature DOES exist, but I put the files in the wrong spot?)

See photo of the error at

Any help would be much appreciated!