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Title: Why I love UQM
Post by: Sabrejack on April 11, 2003, 11:38:56 pm
After completing the long trek out a far corner of the galaxy (where I successfully dealt with the probe infestation), I discovered myself without quite enough fuel to get back home to beloved Sol.  I began to system-hop, one by one, back toward Sol, in hopes that I might find a wandering Melnorme trader to refuel my flagship.

Along the way, I found oodles of biological data, ruby worlds, auric worlds, treasure worlds, and even a rainbow world.  This would have been a great day for mankind, had I not now been almost completely out of fuel.  To top it all off, I made contact with the Arilou - nice guys, but no fuel.  I had four holds full of riches and no way to get home, and I sighed heavily as the tank ran dry in the middle of hyperspace.

Just then, a blip shows up on my scanners..  I cross my fingers:  an Arilou?  Umgah?  maybe another probe?  Huzzah, it's the Melnorme!  My biodata and rainbow worlds add up to over 6000 credits!  I buy every single tech available, fill up my fuel tanks, and head home to glorious Sol.

When I get home and unload, I rake in a total of over 11,000 RU..  and all the starbase captain can say is, "That should keep the fires burning"..  Fah!  I ALMOST DIED OUT THERE!

Anyhow, this is why I love UQM.

Title: Re: Why I love UQM
Post by: JonoPorter on April 11, 2003, 11:54:26 pm
This is why i love UQM

while i was around collecting minerals in one of those big systems i found a planet that had a LARGE amount of rus on it unfortanatly it had like 10000 degrees and did not want to risk lossing a lander so i went to the next planet and guess what i found? a MELNORME! i had just enough credits to get the fire shielding and some other techs then went back and got those minerals. i was so exicted about what i was going to do with the rus and tech that i decided not to completly fill my 8th and last storage bay when i got back i had enough RUs to completly Tweak out my mothership and fill up my fleet with utwig! it was a glorius day!