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Title: New web accessible star map for Ur Quan Masters
Post by: JurgenFlurgen on February 18, 2020, 02:24:56 pm
I've created another version of the Ur Quan Masters starmap located here (

The benefits are that it gives you the ability to view the Quasispace Portal alongside the main map and provides functionality to find the nearest portal to any location. You can also search for basic keywords across the entire map. E.g. Rainbow, Device, Spindle, etc and filter on planets using a SQL like syntax. e.g. minerals > 1000 and biodata < 500 or biodata > 500

You can also view a 3D view of the different star systems when they are selected.

I still have to make this Mobile Friendly, and it has currently only been tested in Chrome and Firefox (unlikely that Edge/IE will work as expected yet)