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Title: OK . so i suck, ha ha, please tell me what to do
Post by: Wudstock on April 23, 2003, 07:26:40 am
I haven't owned a computer since my last 486 - 40 (she was a mean machine) because i have found little point in later computers since my 486 runs starcon2 quite nicely thank you. Yes i am serious.  Anyway i have moved overseas and my beloved 486 has passed on to the place where good computers go to after their time here is done and i am forced to deal with all sorts of nasty things like the internet and windows and installing some fancy new version of starcon2.  I have tried the auto install file thing i found at the home page and it tried valiantly but 3 files couldnt be downloaded. i tried almost all the different mirrors (??!!??) and none got me the goods - something about voices, content and the third one was music of some kind.  Anyway being an eternal wellspring of initiative i downloaded them separately from forgesource (or was it sourceforge?) but its still a nastier mess than an orz ship that just met an androsynth in actual combat (was that meant to be the actual proof that the orz didnt defeat the andro in space war because if they did then the entire andro race must have been some pretty spastic pilots. Kind of gives the whole 'heeby jeeby' factor of the orz presence some verification.  possessing my goldfish and using it to fly their ships was scary enough for me though.). um... got a little sidetracked didnt i?

oh yeah - ok so i have these 3 monstrous zip files in a directory and i dont even know how to unzip in windows (somebody kill it so that DOS can be set free again, please!)
and i am generally without a clue - if you could find it in your heart to take pity on me then please advise and i would be much appreciated.  


Title: Re: OK . so i suck, ha ha, please tell me what to
Post by: Mark Vera on April 23, 2003, 09:12:46 am
Download the Windows installer as well. It unzips and does everything for you - even the icon to the desktop to run the game. However reading the manual.txt is a good idea.

Title: Re: OK . so i suck, ha ha, please tell me what to
Post by: Wudstock on April 27, 2003, 09:09:46 am
Cheers, its all sorted and downloaded now.  Thanks for the help :)