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Title: Print & Play Card Game needs testers...
Post by: TheVidmaster on January 03, 2021, 02:34:04 pm
Rejoice, for the signs are clear.
The presaged time has come.
All shackles of caste and clan exiguous now.
Goyum beckons and the faithful gather.
Now, we must travel...


My most recent project is still in need of more testers  :) It is available for the general public, free of charge and sign-up, here (

If anyone wants to provide any sort of feedback, no matter how harsh, I will be thankful. No worries about being polite or hurting my feelings, I got a background in design and know how to take a verbal kick in the backside ;) .
Honestly, it is always about getting more data / info, as long as you tell me why something is shit in your opinion, it will be useful to me.