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Title: translating into other languages..
Post by: capitansolo on February 21, 2021, 12:50:33 am
I donwloaded a translation but have missing letters in my language..
As i could reach, basically, there is a .txt of every alien, menus, etc and inside the game, this .txt were represent by letters in .png so i dont know if modifying a .png or creating a new .png and placing in the alien folder is enough for that.

And second question, in the same .txt, there a link like this, for example,
[b]#(INIT_HELLO) arilou-000.ogg[/b]
If i start to translating english voice, Will they have the same duration like original or inside the game, the text will be acomodate to sound duration?


Title: Re: translating into other languages..
Post by: JHGuitarFreak on February 21, 2021, 06:29:28 am
What you would do is create the missing letter images and name them as their correct unicode designation, in hex. Then deposit them in the font directory.
The game should automatically pick it up if the letter is used in the translation.

For voice translation you have record them and edit the sync files (.ts) manually so the subtitles match with the new recording.
The .ts files are filled with a set of numbers for each audio file telling the game, in sample length, when to display the next subtitle.