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Title: They're back!
Post by: Phineix on June 13, 2021, 07:56:03 pm
So very very excited, I've been checking the dogar and kazon blog pretty regularly since the two year mark.

I'm very curious about the "for immediate release, contact" thing; could it be a steam code of something similar? That's probably a bit too idealistic.

The year 2185 is exactly 30 years after uqm begins (2155) so I'm wondering if the new game will be released 30 years after the original which would be 2022!

Can't wait to hear more  ;D

Title: Re: They're back!
Post by: Krulle on June 14, 2021, 01:36:53 pm
you're not the first, here's the link to the blog post.

the whole post is formulated like a "press release", in this case coming from
"personal attorney and business manager ZOQ, Chairman of Frungy Associates Management Enterprises, Inc. ("FAME") located in (Pahoy-hoy City, Alpha Tucanae I) )", who manages PIK's comeback into the Frungy merchandise.

The "for immediate release" just means, that it should become public ASAP, and not at a certain date....

the two years quiet time from the agreement with StarDock/Brad Wardell is apparently over now.
Let's see what comes next (and when).