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Title: UQM HD Roguelike
Post by: Schizoid on December 21, 2021, 10:15:01 am
The Ur-Quan Masters HD Roguelike


This is a version of the game in which star systems are randomly generated, resources on planets and all artifacts and rainbow worlds are randomly located. The position of star systems in the galaxy remains unchanged, but their content changes. The game allows you to generate thousands of dissimilar galaxies, making each playthrough unique. Also introduced the ability to adjust the difficulty of the game.

Download: UQM HD Roguelike (

How to install: unpack the archive into the folder with the game UQM HD (

How to start:
  • uqm_hd_rog_eng.bat - launches the English version
  • uqm_hd_rog_rus.bat - launches the Russian version
  • uqm_hd_rog_with_mods_eng.bat - launches the English version with additional graphical improvements
  • uqm_hd_rog_with_mods_rus.bat - launches the Russian version with additional graphical improvements

    add. graphical improvements include an improved appearance of ships and their descriptions, a black lander, classic slides in the intro and outro, and a fixed image of Talana. More info here (
  • create shortcut for uqm_hd_rog.exe
  • in the properties of the shortcut in the object after uqm_hd_rog.exe add:
    --addon engroghd (for the English version)
    --addon rusroghd (for the Russian version)

    to use other mods, you just need to add their names to this line, for example:
    --addon engroghd --addon hdships --addon lander_eng --addon syr_fix --addon intro --addon sly_ships+
On first launch, the game will create a RogueOptions.txt file that you can open with notepad and edit the following game settings:
  • Seed - a whole number from 2 to 2147483646. This number affects the world created by the game, the location of planets and resources. The same number gives the same world. By default, the game generates a random number if the RogueOptions.txt file is missing. Want a new world - just change the number.
  • ModuleCost - floating point number, for example 1.2. This number multiplies the cost of the modules for the flagship. For example, 1.2 will increase the cost of modules by 20%, and 0.5 will decrease the cost of modules by 50%. By default 1.0 - cost as in the original.
  • Bio - floating point number, for example 1.2. This number multiplies the number of credits received from Melnorm for biodata and rainbow worlds. For example, with 1.2 you will receive 20% more credits, and with 0.5 only half of the credits in comparison with the original. By default 1.0 - cost as in the original.
Feature list:
  • Random planets in star systems
  • Randomly placed rainbow worlds
  • Random resources on planets (minerals and living things)
  • Ability to reduce / increase the cost of ship modules, bio-data units and the value of rainbow worlds
  • Melnorme appear in systems near supergiant stars
  • All artifacts and many game objects are located in random systems
  • Many artifacts and game objects are located on random planets and moons
  • Return radius is now visible on the star map
  • Chances of natural disasters on the surface of planets and moons was adjusted
  • Fixed some bugs and made other minor changes
  • Separate save folder in the game directory
  • The "PageUp" and "+" keys allow you to buy 10 units each. fuel / crew, and "PageDown" and "-" - to sell
  • The "End" and "*" keys allow you to buy fuel / crew to the maximum
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( ( ( ( ( (

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Mismatch of text with audio tracks
  • Considering that some artifacts in the game have changed their location, there is a slight discrepancy between the displayed text in dialogs and audio tracks in the game. The text in the game changes dynamically in accordance with the new state of affairs, but the soundtracks have remained the same. There are not so many such cases, so either do not pay attention or turn off the "voices" in the game settings.
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If you encounter critical bugs or just find any errors in the game or text, please report in this topic.

Title: Re: UQM HD Roguelike
Post by: Schizoid on December 21, 2021, 12:35:56 pm
For some reason, not all browsers allow downloading our files on this forum (as well as not displaying images in the topic description). This applies to all of our topics. If you have problems downloading, use the right mouse button and the "save as" option. Of course, there is nothing dangerous in these files.

At the moment, everything is displayed and downloaded correctly in Mozilla Firefox.

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Title: Re: UQM HD Roguelike
Post by: Kohr-Ah Death 213 on December 24, 2021, 07:38:36 pm
When I get some time I'm definitely gonna play this.

Custom seed in MegaMod is one thing but you guys took it to a new level.

Title: Re: UQM HD Roguelike
Post by: Krulle on January 11, 2022, 03:53:49 pm
Well done, thank you.
Don't have time to play it currently, but THANK YOU!