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Title: Adding flatpak support, officially or unofficially
Post by: Halleck on October 24, 2023, 11:56:45 am
Hey folks, long time no see!

I have recently discovered a flatpak template for UQM 0.8.0. I was looking for a way to run UQM on my steam deck and it works perfectly.

I started an issue on this repo ( to discuss with its author the possibility of publishing UQM to Flathub to facilitate much greater ease of use.

The author has expressed interest in getting this build target incorporated officially into the UQM project. I wanted to see if that's feasible. I'm willing to do some initial work to get this going but I can't commit to being a long-term maintainer. But given UQM's very infrequent release cycle I don't think it would be terribly difficult to keep supporting it once it's integrated.

If the team isn't interested in officially supporting flatpak, I think I still want to try publishing it myself to flathub unofficially. It will just make it a lot easier to support on platforms like the Steam Deck that can't easily consume other build formats.

Happy to discuss more here or over IRC (I popped by recently but nobody was online) or Discord. :)