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Title: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: svinayag on April 30, 2003, 06:00:48 am

I have a few questions about melee fighting. For example, if you are fighting the Ur-Quan and you are those crystal guys, how do you manage to win. The red bastards easily destroy my ship, however when I try being the Ur-Quan the computer has no problem beating there any advice you can give me? In general how does one defeat the Ur-Quan ships in melee mode? Especially when they launch pods.

If anyone could also give me some pointers fighting the ships with the 3 satellites orbiting them I would also appreciate it.

As you can see I am a neophyte in this game, and I got hooked after my brother mentioned it was the best game of his childhood.

Thanks for help provided

Title: Re: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: Death 999 on April 30, 2003, 07:41:26 am
Well, if you're chenjesu against Ur-Quan, try shooting a crystal in the middle of the cloud of fighters, then releasing it. Do that a few times, and there's no cloud of fighters. If they'e surrounding you, shoot and immediately release. Some shards will fly back and perhaps hit a fighter.
Also, head for the planet and thrust while swinging around, then as you're leaving the area of the planet release the thrust. This is known as a Gravity Whip. The way it works is, while a ship is in the region of gravitational attraction, the speed limit its thrust normally provides is lifted. Therefore, you can thrust up to a higher speed and then release the thrust to glide along. If you thrust outside the well, you will slow back down (even if you thrust forward!). This will help several kinds of slower ships get some speed, allowing them to outrace the fighters.

As for Chmmr (three orbiting things): some shots are heavy enough that the orbiters can't shoot them down before they hit. Also, if you can shoot rapidly enough, you can get some shots by them. ALSO, satellites can be destroyed - they have 8 hit points. Also, a single touch of the Kohr-Ah special will take a satellite out.

Good luck!

Title: Re: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: AnonomouSpathi on April 30, 2003, 07:58:24 am
One of the things to remember about UQM is that it's as much a strategic game as it is an action game.  Probably the easiest way to beat an ur-quan with a chenjesu is not to send in the chenjesu in the first place.  Getting match ups that favor your side is half the battle.

If you're fighting the ur-quan or Chmmr, my best advice would be this - learn to use the Utwig Jugger.  Nothing cuts apart the big ships like a jugger.  

Title: Re: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: Death 999 on April 30, 2003, 08:03:25 am
... except the Supox.

Title: Re: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: AnonomouSpathi on April 30, 2003, 08:06:37 am
If you're elite, maybe :)  Generally requires a lot less practice to tear into a 'naught or 'rauder with the jug then the blade, and if he's in need of help...well, the utwig will get positive results much quicker.

Title: Re: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: Captain Smith on April 30, 2003, 11:51:30 am
FWIW if it helps, those were rather challenging ships for me back when I was starting out...of course now I can beat both ships pretty well or at least hurt them...

You got some good're learning that what's important is what ship you put up against it (some matchups are easier than others)...

The Utwig is a good easy ship to start out with for both Ur-Quan and Chmmr.    Chenjesu is one of the ships that's possible to win with against Ur-Quan/Chmmr but I wouldn't classify it as an easy matchup...

If you have other ships you want to try against the Chmmr, one thing I did when I was a neophyte was practice detonating the Shofixti to knock out the zapsats (I still do this in melee, especially if I'm playing Starcon1 ships - I only have 2 of the starcon1 ships that I've really been able to match up to the Chmmr well besides the Ur-Quan/Chenjesu).

The thing with this game is you can keep learning and learning...I'm still finding ways to come out of matchups with wins with ships I've never thought were possible to win - my latest is Kohr-Ah/VUX.

In general if you want to get good at melee (in general), here's my suggestion - getting good at watching the game and skill is a big part of it too - a good (fill in the blank) ship pilot can win a lot of matches a poor one can't...a big example I like to use is the Supox.  Bad ship for a bad pilot to use, but if you get your mind around the propulsion system it becomes devastating.   Here's a idea for practice...

Arilou (you) vs. Mycon: It's an EASY battle for a good Arilou pilot...and that's the catch - it's here to help you practice getting better at piloting, watching the game objects, etc, etc.  To master this you should be able to beat 14 Mycon with a loss of a maximum of 3 ships or so.  If you want an additional challenge past this one, win the match like this w/o firing a shot - you should be able to steer the Mycon's shots into them consistently once you get good...

Anyway if you search back, there's matches I suggest after this one, but it's a good start for melee practice.

As far as selecting ships, there's usually at least one or two "no chance" ships for each of the ones you fight...part of being able to win consistently is finding those combinations...

You'll get there.

Title: Re: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: Death 999 on April 30, 2003, 08:07:31 pm
Also try Zoq-Fot-Pik against the Mycon. After all, piloting a ship with inertia will be more generally useful than practicing on the Arilou.

Title: Re: Some Melee Fighting help
Post by: Shiver on May 01, 2003, 09:09:18 am
You might want to try using some of the cheesy ships to win, if only to help your confidence. The Spathi Eluder, for instance, can wipe out large numbers of Ur-Quan Dreadnoughts and Kohr-Ah Marauders if you play evasively. In addition to the Eluder, you should try out the Orz Nemesis and Utwig Jugger. And if you ever feel really discouraged, fly a Chmmr Avatar against a group of different weaker ships and send them all to hell.