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Title: first star control memories
Post by: Defender on May 01, 2003, 11:04:54 am
it was the days of sonic the hedge hog and super mario world, i was "i think" 18 years old. i remember going to toys r us to find a new game for either my snes or genesis, i wanted something spaceship sci fi, but alas not to many, if any, games of that nature were widely sold, for either console. so i looked and hunted and usually came home with some dumb platformer=run, jump, run, shoot, repeat, till one day something caught my eye for the sega genesis. it had the words star and control and hell that was enough for me, sold$$. so i took this, soon to be gem, home. on the way home i remember looking thru the manual and getting all giddy about ships and melee and more ship with special abilities and more ships, i was really drooling withy anticipation. so i get home and plug it in and... the rest is history.

but thats not the end of our story... years go by and its 1994, im at my local grocery store,  skateboared in hand, looking thru a game magaizine and what do i see? a preview of an up coming game "star control 2". now its been a while, but what i do remeber was somethin of the nature that the yehat had switched sides, and i remeber thinking, how in the hell am i ever goning to win against the hierarchy. that was my main ship i used all the time. it also seems they had replaced it with some long distint cousins or something "pkunk" and i did not like the look of these new ships, i was still in shock at the loss of the yehat. but time would tell as even if i was disapointed with the loss i still had to play this game. i had to find out why the allaince was betrayed, and how fairs the war.
now flash forward a year, 1995. i had just moved into my first apartment, and getting a bland taste of what it was like to live on my own. i had heard about the 3d0, and so traded all my old game stuff, to buy me this "i thought was the end all" of console gaming systems. end all was right, but thats a differnt story. so here i am with my brand new 3d0, and no games to play. the only thing really out was this fun little space flight sim "shock wave". it was, for me any way, a total blast. then came its sequal, yet again fun fun. i also tried "the horde", "none shall pass" lol to this day. kirk cameron and his "growing pains" down time. anyway next was a mortal kombat clone "way of the warrior". im not sure if i really liked this game or just couldn't figure what was funnier, the poor game design, or the comments the characters made, when they did there moves. me and my friend spent hours trying to see everthing, even though it was a crude game. at least white zombie helped take some of the edge off. it blew me away that his music was in the game. anyways back on track, so now here i am, few games underneath my belt on this system, and "boom", it hit me. im looking thru there game catalog, and what to my surprise, "star control 2". now i never even new that this game was released first on the pc, so i thought it was the first. i was never into the pc seen. i liked the ease of the console. plus i never had the money for the like. so i order it, and wait...and wait...and call "wheres my order?"...and wait...and finally after 2 months, its here. open tray in cd...hours of enjoyment then and today ;D

i hope this inspires you to tell your tale of firsts with star control, and maybe a little look into my mind, and how it inspired me. ~DEFIANT

Title: Re: first star control memories
Post by: Nic. on May 01, 2003, 02:36:11 pm
The year was 1991.  I had just gotten my first automobile, and as such was able to once again see an old childhood friend who had moved out of the city years before.  So, on weekends, we would get together at somebody's house, rent some movies and Sega Genesis games from the video store, and stay up late playing video games, watching movies, and generally being goofballs; then we'd usually crash on the floor, return the games/movies the next morning, and go do something else.

One weekend my friend brings, along with the usual batch of movies and such, a rental game called "Star Control".  I said, "Ooh, spaceships fighting!" and we dropped it in, figuring that it might be fun for an hour or so.  Well, none of the other movies got watched, none of the other games got played, and we got zero sleep that night, choosing instead to play until well into the next day.  :)  Some of the in-game screens gave away its origins as a PC game to me, which was fortunate since I had a PC but no Genesis, so I set about procuring a copy for my PC.  Since I was a neophyte car-owner, all of my teenage cash went into putting gas, oil, insurance, etc. into it, so once I found a copy I had to convince my friends that it would be worth their while to pool our scant resources and buy a "shared" copy of the game.  They were not disappointed.  :)

By the time I had heard of the sequel, it was widely available as a cracked version from many warez BBSes (remember those?), so since it was easier and cheaper to to the "wrong thing" I downloaded a copy (Sorry Fred!) and fired it up.  The moment that is burned into my memory for the rest of my life was the simple sentence fragment "...and the Ur-Quan were winning."  I literally shouted "No way!" at the screen  :)  The rest, as they say, is history.

Years later, Star Control 3 came out.  I rushed out to buy a copy sight-unseen, but the local store had sold out (!) all of their copies.  So my friend (who was luckier/quicker than me) lent me his CD for a while to help assuage my cravings.  I think I beat the game in the space of a week, foregoing sleep when necessary, and let's just say I was less than happy with how that experience turned out.  :-/  I returned my friend's CD to him, and never bothered purchasing my own copy.  Fortunately, TimeWarp and the UQM project have revitalized my interest in all things Star Control in recent years, as evidenced by my endless inane chatter on these message boards ;)

Title: Re: first star control memories
Post by: Death 999 on May 01, 2003, 08:46:53 pm
It was 1994, autumn. A friend of mine bought the game for reasons unknown to me. We cooperated on everything, and managed to beat the game in between the beginning of the Kohr-Ah rampage and when the Utwig would have been wiped out (close call!). Our main hitch was that we forgot about the Umgah and Dnyarri -- everything else, we took care of in the first two years. We were lousy bastards, gathering up a lot of bio credit, saving the game, then buying all of one category of information at once, then reloading from the saved game. My friend blew our entire fleet on the Sa-matra... except for one Pkunk. Finally, he gave up and let me try, and I took it out in five minutes, sans casualties. Still, I didn't manage to wipe out the fireballs ... so when the precursor ship rammed in, there were fireballs all over it -- it was a bad scene, I think a hundred crew were burned up. Still, we made it.

Also, we went well over the thousand mark on the crew replacement. AND my friend was a slave trader, but fortunately we didn't save over the file before that. LOTS of going back to saved games.

(The other game we played was Civilization 1. A lot. We were miffed how we would always get a score of about 25%, then we realized we should probably turn up the difficulty level)

Title: Re: first star control memories
Post by: shyguy on May 01, 2003, 11:16:32 pm
1991. I was in my Computer Science course in high school. A relatively new course, and the teacher was kinda playing it by ear. Hence we had plenty of downtime.  We had a 286 in the classroom, and the first part of the year, us guys would huddle around and play Spacewars (if you're unaware, this is the game that inspired SC).  Then, later that schoolyear, someone brought in Star Control.  It was like playing Spacewars with lots of plastic surgery and steroids. We loved it. Our classwork suffered greatly to the point where the teacher, though he loved the game too, had to ban it.