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Title: Any thoughts?
Post by: Slylendro on May 06, 2003, 08:58:51 pm
i'm planning to make some short 3d movie sometime soon, anyway tell me how the xform got out? any suggestions for improvement?
(save target as...)

oh and also, an old animation i made a while ago, never shown it to anybody i think. it's a guardian goin to blazer mode

(geocities file, save target as... also divx required) -- for me geocities is a bit screwed and while testing it, i had to wait like a minute until i could even start downloading it. geocities is troubles but i couldn't upload a 2 mb movie to anywhere than geocities

and i know that xviila from #starcontrol is also making a cool movie of an urquan dread attacking a group of cruisers, but only saw a part of it, it's not finished yet........ it may take a few years but it will be finished eventually.

anyway suggestions and ideas are welcome

p.s - try to run the mmrnmhrm in reverse :)

Title: Re: Any thoughts?
Post by: Mark Vera on May 06, 2003, 10:39:37 pm
The mmrnmmhrm could use some more work :-/ It's too cubic. I liked the weapon animation though.

The Androsynth however was quite good. Maybe some glow effects and transparency would hide the blazer ball transition better. The ship model was great, looks exactly like the "real" :) When we will have pkunk?:)

One thing which most of the time bothers me, is the lighting people use in space scenes. There's really no light coming except nearby star (or moon/planet) and maybe from the ship itself. Yes I know, it looks a bit boring if it's mostly black screen.. :)