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Title: End of game ships (possibly a spoiler?)
Post by: SuperFunRom on May 08, 2003, 01:38:08 pm
So, what ships should you have at the end of the game?

I've got Zoq-Fot-Pik, Earthling, Orz, Shofixti, Supoz, Uthiwg, Chmmr, at one point I had the Thraddash and the Spathi but I lost them, and I was given the Ariloulaleelay and Umgah, is that about right?  Is the only place to get some of these ships in super melee?

Title: Re: End of game ships (possibly a spoiler?)
Post by: SuperFunRom on May 08, 2003, 01:53:27 pm
Er, missed the Yehat--but even though the Umgah, Irkwan and VUX kind of like you--no dice?

Title: Re: End of game ships (possibly a spoiler?)
Post by: SuperFunRom on May 08, 2003, 02:18:00 pm
Yeah, and the Pkunk, even before they move, they aren't sending me plans weird either, even though we are allied--its strange is that right or a bug?

Title: Re: End of game ships (possibly a spoiler?)
Post by: AnonomouSpathi on May 08, 2003, 06:28:00 pm
The spathi join you, but always leave by end of the game.

The yehat, pkunk and arilou never send you captains or plans, so you can't build thier ships at their starbase.  They can be convinced to give you some of their ships though.

The thraddash can join, and usually have to then be POed at you, but usually it still lets me build their ships.  It may just be that I avoid all encounters with them after the event that PO's them, and if they don't know you did it, they don't withdraw.

ZFP, Chmmr, Utwig, Supox, and Earthling all are members in good standing.  I don't remember ever getting syreen ship captains on my starbase, so I couldn't build penetrators, but I may have just missed that part.  The VUX would much rather kill you then look at you, much less work for you.  The Um-gah will give you some ships, but are more interested in playing practical jokes on you then on joining any alliance.  The ur-quan, ilwrath, kohr-ah, and mycon all follow the 'kill you instead' approach like the VUX.  The druuge don't give anybody anything.  You want a mauler, that will cost you slaves.  The slylandro isn't a ship per se, and you don't get any.

So, will the possible exception of the syreen (and I'm not too sure about that one), you have everyone you should.

Title: Re: End of game ships (possibly a spoiler?)
Post by: Captain Smith on May 08, 2003, 09:08:31 pm
If you return to the Syreen starbase after their revenge plan happens (basically you tell the Mycon of Organon I), they'll give you the plans and send the captains...

SUCCESS, Captain! The Mycon fleet is in shambles!
We have revenged ourselves against the heinous Mycon!
Oh! They fell for our trap so completely!
When they approached Organon I, we were hiding behind its moon.
As they approached, their ships broke combat formation
in preparation for their hideous implanting ceremony.
We waited until they were fully dispersed around the planet then we attacked!
The standard Mycon tactic would have been to speed out of orbit using a gravity whip maneuver but the Podships refused to abandon their slow-moving Deep Children spore pods.
They remained in the gravity well, and WE SLICED THEM TO RIBBONS!
They must have lost a dozen ships to their own stupidity... running into their own Plasmoids!
The rest?... well we took care of most of them... in our own special way.
and Captain, now that we have taken our revenge on the Mycon we give you our starship officers and Penetrator designs so that you can add our ships to your fleet.

Of course in reading the conversation files you'll get a lot of references after the return trip to people on the base wanting to thank you in their own special private ways...and the recommendation of setting side a week for that...