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Title: Is this a bug?
Post by: Captain Smith on May 12, 2003, 07:13:51 am
Noting this is in the original PC game, my guess is it might have translated over to the 3DO version which translated over to UQM but who knows?

I was just playing melee as the Mmrnmhrm playing against the Chmmr and the Chmmr was tractoring me as I was flying directly away in Y-form....fine up to this point until I get across the screen and wrap to the other side....the Chmmr turns around and continues to tractor and it's like I stalled...I am flying directly towards it but at a crawl while depressing the forward arrow (if almost not at all)...of course all that's left to do with how I can move is change to X-Form and get hits in as much as possible until I go down...

But I thought this was wierd and thought I should report it....not sure if it's an outstanding bug or what, but I thought it to be really super wierd...

Hope this helps some.