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Title: Fuel calculation bug - help me w/ this one ;)
Post by: l0ci on December 02, 2002, 12:31:06 pm
If anyone wants to replicate this, grab 8 fuel at the Sol starbase and autopilot to Zeta Centauri.  What I'd like to know is what the PC version and 3DO version say for the fuel calculation and if you can make it ;)   Current CVS checkout calculates to 7.8 fuel required when plotting the auto-pilot course on the starmap and you fall short since it actually takes 8.53 (Pulled from debugging the source... @ sis.c:646 if anyone's interested, look for the state of GlobData.SIS_state.FuelOnBoard.  It's decremented about 16 lines down from that at the += fuel_delta:

else if ((GLOBAL_SIS (FuelOnBoard) += fuel_delta) >
    (FuelCapacity = GetFTankCapacity (NULL_PTR)))
            GLOBAL_SIS (FuelOnBoard) = FuelCapacity;

An interesting note... if being pulled into an encounter in hyperspace moves you, it burns a little fuel, like .02 units, but it still uses some :)

TIA for the help...