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Title: Fun ways to die
Post by: Kohr-Ah_Primat on May 17, 2003, 08:50:35 pm
Funny thing, I noticed that I have over 400 posts and am third only behind Lukipela and Death_999 in posting quantity and yet I've never actually posted my own topic.

So I figure, why not? I'll post one regarding fun ways to die. I am Lady Marauder, Miss Death_1 herself, and killer of innocent and helpless sentients, after all.

Earthling Cruiser: Gravity whip past a planet, and go trigger happy with your nuclear missiles while facing forward. Quite funny when you think about it, since realistically the missile should already be moving at the same speed as your ship BEFORE it's fired out the torpedo hatch...

Spathi Eluder: Gravity whip, turn backwards, and shoot BUTT missiles to your heart's content. Especially sad given the Eluder has 30 crew and the missiles do all of 2 damage.

Shofixti Scout: Go one on one with another Shofixti Scout. See who can Glory Device the other first. Sadly, it doesn't really matter who the winner is, does it?

Precursor Vessel: Use absolutely no Shiva Furnaces nor Dynamo Units, and fill up with Hellbore Cannons. Since you cannot fire until you have enough power to shoot all cannons at once... it is a very slow and painful death against any reasonably dangerous ship (Dreadnought, Marauder, Eluder, Jugger, and sadly enough, Drone)

Thraddash Torch: Gravity Whip, turn about, and activate Torch.

Chenjesu Broodhome: One of the saddest ways to be killed BY a Broodhome is being DOGI'ed into a planet. It's like ping pong, with you as the ping pong ball. Even more sad and demeaning when your velocity is minimal and you take only two crew damage each time you slam into the planet.

Ur-Quan Dreadnought/Orz Nemesis: Empty out your entire crew except for one or two. Lightly graze a planet.

Pkunk Fury: TRY to be killed. Watch how Murphy's law seems to kick in. Somehow, resurrection factor seems to increase when you WANT your Fury to die.

Androsynth Guardian: Try to comet after a Slyandro Probe. Notice they have exactly the same speed? Notice how the probe has lightning that can zap you while safely out of reach?

Arilou Skiff: Teleport into a planet. There can't be many things that are much funnier than that. At least now we know how Roswell happened.

Mycon Podship: I think this is pretty much the Classic one. Even Talana makes a jibe about this one.

Syreen Penetrator: Having minimal crew just so you can suck up your opponent's crew. Syreen song most of their crew, then get hit by a single puny shot as you swoop in to pick them up.

VUX Intruder: Having an Intruder limpet you is humiliating enough, but what's really sad is when you manage to to get coated with limpets, and you're stuck bouncing against a planet like a basketball with no hope of generating an escape veloctiy.

Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger: Think about it. You can assault the home planet, guarded by an infinite number of the weakest ship in the game. And no matter what you do, no matter how many escort ships you have, no matter how beefed up your Precursor ship with an approximate combat value of 50 is, you won't ever defeat that fleet without cheating. And yet, where a Maximized Precursor Vessel with a dozen Chmmr Avatars fail, a single Kohr-Ah Marauder succeeds.

....ahh, how proud I am of my fellow Marauder pilots.

Title: Re: Fun ways to die
Post by: EnjoyTheSauce on May 17, 2003, 09:23:55 pm
Hm. The Torch one won't work because most weapons don't hurt the people who released them. If I remember correctly, only the Cruiser's missles, the Eluder's BUTTs, and the Podship's plasma blasts can. But OT, another fun way to die is Umgah vs. Umgah. Neither of you can get in range without simultaneously being fried by the other's AM cone. Also entertaining is VUX vs. VUX. The winner is usually so limpetted he can't move worth a damn.

Title: Re: Fun ways to die
Post by: guesst on May 18, 2003, 10:59:11 am
Do you mind if I turn this into fun ways to kill? I was playing spathi versus earthling, I was the spathi, and just as he was making a planet whip I rammed my 2 forward pods perpendicular to the length of his hull and pinned him to the planet. I just held him there while he ineffectivly zapped me until he died and then I managed to whip away and get off with minimal damage. Felt pretty good about that one.

A terible way to die is to be a Chmmr Avatar, get a planet whip and be moving so fast that you're zap sats can't catch up (it can happen) and be pummeled before you slow down. Okay, maybe it doesn't kill you but it is a swift kick to the pride.

Also, have you ever tried the torch thing? I'm pretty sure he's invincible to his own fire.

Title: Re: Fun ways to die
Post by: RockasaurusRex2000 on May 18, 2003, 11:03:08 pm
I think it's funny if you get all thrusters, but no weapons and fight Tanaka. You can ram him as much as you want, and it sends him flyin.

Title: Re: Fun ways to die
Post by: Death 999 on May 19, 2003, 02:46:02 am
Ur-Quan: "We will not kill your entire crew
only those responsible for decision making
specifically YOU, Captain, and your officers."

you go to say "Nope! I won't surrender!" but some jerk next to you quick hits the down key and you say "I really, really, honestly surrender. I mean it. No kidding." instead.


play SC1. Get a speed upgrade for your earthling cruiser. Fly at full (enhanced) speed backwards straight in one of the four cardinal directions. Shoot missiles, have them wrap around and hit you. (this actually happened to my side, because I was letting the computer handle combat, and the other side had an Ilwrath.)

Title: Re: Fun ways to die
Post by: Captain Smith on May 19, 2003, 09:55:19 am
Funniest way at least I died - I laughed at this one.  I had my flagship loaded with all the stuff and one hellbore cannon directly in front.  I warped in against an Ur-Quan ship nose to nose with 42 crew (Ur-Quan has 42 crew too).  I started shooting, he started shooting, we both hit each other at the same time on all the shots and both of us died simultaneously....laughed at that one when I realized what happened.

Title: Re: Fun ways to die
Post by: captain_kirk on May 21, 2003, 01:09:31 pm
syreen two player
have 2  ships while in 2 player mode
push other ship near planet press the syreen call button
and the syreen on other ship and let gravity do the rest

help us where falling :o
shut up and die  B(*&^

                evil laugh here

Title: Re: Fun ways to die
Post by: Kohr-Ah_Primat on May 22, 2003, 05:30:51 am
Oh, forgot the in-game ones.
In addition to surrendering to the Ur-Quan, there's clicking on the Utwig bomb just for fun, and going back to the Dnyarri without a mindshield, about 10 times in a row.