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Title: NetBSD (I know, not officially supported yet)
Post by: dpitts on May 30, 2003, 04:07:36 am
I'm having quite some trouble building on NetBSD.
I know its not officially supported yet, but I thought I'd try to do it anyway.
Well, I had to change (i.e. add) a few things in build/unix/config_proginfo just to get " uqm" to bring up the config menu. After that. nothing seemed to compile, and " uqm install" complained alot about //lib/ and //bin/ not being found (Sounds like some environment variable not being set).

Anyway, I tried to compile it manually, but there are a lot of things to find and compile, and thats not the way it should be done anyway.

BTW, for those who care, the main difference that I know of between NetBSD and OpenBSD (as far as SC2 should be concerned) is that libs are in /usr/pkg/lib and not /usr/local/lib.