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Title: After UQM
Post by: Stanz on May 31, 2003, 09:06:05 pm
What are the plans for when Urquan Masters is finished... Just... release it for download and... thats it...?

My suggestions are:

Since you have revamped the whole SC2 engine, it is all in your own code... That is the best acheivement you can have... So technically you could have new stuff implemented... and I thought off and Its most likly been mentioned before but...

An online version? I could help with stuff like getting a master server for it maybe... But i think it would be an awesome idea...

Heres my imagination for what it could be...
You are in the online version of space... It could all be the same but other peoples locations are sent to the server and if it detects 2 people are near eachother you can see eachother on the radar thing and when you go over to them you enter the alien conversation like mode but talking to eachother where you can type your messages in...
The other idea is have it a whole different space... where you can join in and find a planet you like and found on it and it creates a star base for you and you can setup exchanges between them and stuff... Might be hard to cope for with a 56k but it depends how its done. Coding it would be hard... But hell. You guys have come this far whats stopping you?

P.S. Sorry for the long post :-/

Title: Re: After UQM
Post by: Sentosa S on June 05, 2003, 03:55:09 pm
To make such a game is not simple. It requires money and time. If the content and storyline are not satisfying enough, the game will suck. If the graphic and sound are not up-to-date, which requires a lot of 'stuff', then the game will suck too.

Besides, most onlines games requires persistent world(s), which requires space and servers... thus they require monthly fee (unless the game's replayability is low like Diablo) at least 10$ a month (if paid in 6 months in advanced, or $13 a month if paid in each month).

Now who would pay $10-$13 a month for a game unless the game really has some potentials to stick around for at least 2 years without any expansion.

Not to forget the game will require constant maintenance, monitorings, and patches. It also requires official website where customers can check their account status, constant news updates and the company would need to hire web masters who manage the site.

So in conclusion, making an online game is very troublesome. To do such, one requires a great deal of resources: ideas, new concept, design, time, money, programmers, servers, website, and support